AHN had over 24 professionals give presentations about their careers for career day. ((Photo Credit: Emily Pantelis/Used with permission))
AHN had over 24 professionals give presentations about their careers for career day.

(Photo Credit: Emily Pantelis/Used with permission)

Academy’s Third Annual Career Day

February 12, 2020

On Feb. 10 and 11, the Academy held their third annual career day. Each student signed up for two sessions a day that took place during advisory. Professionals from different fields of work came to talk to students about careers they are interested in and could potentially pursue in college. 

Kara Kivenas (‘20) said, “Career day was really cool. It was interesting to hear about different careers, especially since we are seniors. It gave me an insight of what I could potentially do when I grow up.” 

18 of the professionals were returning Academy Alum. Alexa Rodriguez (A‘10) spoke to students about her time as a TV personnel and her new job in public relations for The Girl Scouts of West Florida.

Madeleine Testaverde (‘20) said, “I went to zoology, interior design, journalism and law enforcement, but journalism was definitely my favorite. I found what Alexa was talking super interesting. She was able to keep us engaged and she even showed us a part of her newsreel which was really cool to see. She also gave out Girl Scout cookies so that was a plus.” 

(Photo Credit: Kristin Commesso/Achona Online)
Alexis Rodriguez (‘10) handed out Girl Scout cookies to girls who attended her presentation on public relations and journalism.

Emily Pantelis, high school guidance counselor, was extremely happy with how career day went. She found Caroline O’Brien Buster’s (‘88) profession and story the most interesting out of the careers this year. 

Pantelis said, “Caroline O’Brien Buster was a 1988 Academy graduate. She works in the Secret Service and was on George W. Bush’s security detail. She was with him the day 9/11 happened. She just went to Bethlehem with Mike Pence on his security team which is pretty cool. I thought it was really inspiring hearing her tell her story because it’s rare to hear about women in the Secret Service since it is a predominantly male field.” 

Here is a list of all the careers AHN had on career day:

  • Law
  • Web Programming
  • Finance/CFO
  • Public Relations/Journalism
  • Elementary Education
  • Strategic Financing
  • Banking Finance
  • Archaeology
  • Interior Design
  • Zoology
  • Event Planning
  • Law Enforcement
  • Politics and Government
  • Insurance Sales Broker
  • Pharmaceutical Research
  • Biochemical Geneticist
  • Cardiothoracic Surgeon
  • Nursing
  • Secret Service
  • Architecture/Design
  • Sales/Benefits
  • Cancer Research
  • Psychotherapist/Social Work
  • Environmental Scientist
  • Veterinarian
  • Real Estate Agent
  • Hospital Administration
  • Engineer/Project Manager
  • Construction/Project Manager

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