Academy students play “Among Us” during lunch in the Oak Grove (Photo Credit: Daegan Walker/Achona Online)
Academy students play “Among Us” during lunch in the Oak Grove

Photo Credit: Daegan Walker/Achona Online

The Popularity of “Among Us”

November 4, 2020

“Among Us” is an online game created by the studio InnerSloth, in which the objective is to find an  imposter that is killing off other players in the game. The game is set inside of a spaceship, and the crewmates of the ship have to complete certain tasks whilst also trying to figure out who the imposter in the game is. Players vote on who they suspect of being an imposter and the person with the most votes is eliminated, whether they are an imposter or not. Once the imposter is found, the game is over and the crewmates win. However, if the imposter is not found, the imposter then wins the game. 

You can play “Among Us” on your computer or your phone. There are two different options for sessions, public or private. In private sessions, you can play with just your friends, and on public sessions you can play with random strangers around the world. 

“Among Us” is the most downloaded free app on the app store right now. Its rise in popularity has a lot to do with the amount of YouTubers posting videos of themselves playing it. Some of the most famous and most subscribed to YouTubers like Pewdiepie, Ninja, and James Charles have all posted videos of themselves playing “Among Us”. Even U.S. representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has played the game on a live stream.

Many Academy students play “Among Us” at home when they are bored, or even at lunch at school when they can all be together. The appeal of the game to students has a lot to do with how much fun it is to play with friends. Asha Judd (‘23) said, “I like playing Among Us because you can join the matches with all your friends and it’s fun to individually find out who the imposter is without knowing.”

Other students added on that they enjoyed playing with strangers around the world.

Sofia Girgenti (‘23) said, “I really love ‘Among Us’ because of how adorable the characters are and how you can play anywhere with anyone you want.”

When playing “Among Us”, an important tip is to become familiar with the map of the ship. Whether you are playing as an imposter or a crewmate, it’s important to always know where you are and know the names of the different rooms in the ship. If you are an imposter, try to fake tasks by standing in one spot for a while when others are around you. Only crewmates can complete tasks, and imposters are not able to, so if you look like you are completing a task other players will assume you aren’t the imposter. 

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