Achona Christmas Gift List

December 2, 2020

Now that Christmas is coming up, everyone is thinking of different things that they want this year. For the Achona staff, all the girls have an idea of different things they want for Christmas this year that may help some clueless gift-givers find inspiration.

Kimberly Egovail: Himalayan Salt Lamp

Photo Credit: Amazon

“I want this because I just really like it and I can never find them in stores. My mom would never buy them for me in stores because she said I didn’t need it. I like it because it looks really cool.”

Isabel Bequer: Succulent Candles

Photo Credit: Amazon

“I like this gift because it has the scent of a regular candle but the succulent shape makes it unique and really cute.”

Ally Smith: Weighted blanket

Photo Credit: Amazon

“I feel like having a weighted blanket will help me sleep better and I’ve seen a lot of good things about them.”

Emara Saez: Casetify cases

Photo Credit: Casetify

“I think the Casetify cases are such a good gift for anyone, especially since they have so many options, colors, and themes. It can be hard to find cute but sturdy cases, and the casetify cases are both so pretty and durable. They’re the perfect stocking stuffer.”

Adriana James-Rodil: Kitsch cotton face mask

Photo credit:

Given coronavirus, I am asking for nice masks this year, specifically from Kitsch. I have seen several Academy students wearing them, and they look both cute and comfortable, but most importantly, they seem effective in preventing someone from contracting the virus. They are also affordable, which is always a plus.”

Raquelle Elson: Victrola bluetooth boombox

Photo Credit:

“A gift I really want is the Victrola mini bluetooth boombox because boomboxes are so cute and I have some cassette tapes and I want to get more. It’s also so bluetooth so I could play some of my playlists. It would be a really cute addition to my room because it fits the theme.”

Winsome Storm: New Cooking Mama game

Photo Credit:

“I would like to get the new Cooking Mama game on the Nintendo Switch mostly because of nostalgia of playing it on the Wii as a child and because it looks fun.”

Bella Besece: Clothes and shoes

Photo Credit:

“This year I mainly just want a lot of clothes and jeans and shoes because I feel like I haven’t been to the mall in a while and I’m always wearing the same clothes.”

Maddie Glaum: Tiny Headed Kingdom Animals 

Photo Credit: Tiny Headed Kingdom Animals website

“I think these guys are hilarious. Genuinely. If someone got me this as a gift, I’d laugh for years on end. Even though they’re pretty pricey, I think the Tiny Headed Kingdom animals are just such good conversation starters –– each animal has its own name and  backstory, and while I’m pretty sure the bear gained popularity from social media, all of the animals crack me up just as much. I think if you’re looking to give someone a laugh (and you don’t mind spending a couple extra bucks), this is definitely the gift to get.”

Gigi Alfonso: New Phone Case

Photo Credit:

“I asked my family for a new phone case-the one I want has the ceiling art of the palace of Versailles in France-and I wanted a new case because the one I currently have is clear with stickers that I made, so it can’t get wet. This makes it a little difficult to clean, so it’s gotten quite dirty. I also have recently been interested in art history and I particularly like the design on the ceiling of Versailles, so that’s why I chose that case in particular.”

Katia Huddleston: Michael Kors Purse

“I’m asking for a Michael Kors purse that I’ve had my eye on for a while. It’s super cute and I’m hoping it’ll match with everything.”

Anika Schmid: Yurbuds

“For Christmas, I want a pair of Yurbud earbuds. I’ve never had comfortable earbuds before, as I’ve always used the ones that just come with my iPhone. I listen to music all the time, so I think it would be nice to have something of higher quality.”

Olivia Martinez: Scrunchies

“It’s always useful to have extra scrunchies so if one breaks you can have more to use.”

Daegan Walker: 5 Seconds of Summer Youngblood Vinyl

“I really want this vinyl because 5 Seconds of Summer is my favorite band and I don’t have any of their albums on vinyl yet. This is one of my favorite albums of all time so this is definitely an item that I really want this year.”

Alison Perez: A new robe

“A good gift would be a comfy robe to lounge in.”

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