The Oak Grove has a beautiful view of Bayshore. (Photo Credit: Nicole Sakre/Achona Online )
The Oak Grove has a beautiful view of Bayshore.

Photo Credit: Nicole Sakre/Achona Online

Upperclassmen voice their opinions after being placed in the oak grove for lunch

September 3, 2021

Due to sudden changes from the ongoing uncertainty of Covid-19, the Juniors and Seniors do not have a permanent lunch spot. They started out the school year sitting in the oak grove, which upset many students. Recently, there was a temporary move back to the four square court, but this was changed within a few days. This has sparked talk amongst upperclassmen about the fate of their lunch location, causing many students to wonder if they will have a permanent spot at all this year. 

The oak grove is somewhat of an unpopular place to eat lunch, and students have not enjoyed sitting there during the first couple weeks of school. Between complaints of it being too hot, to not having enough seats for every student, to allergic reactions from the pollen and grass, the classes of ‘22 and ‘23 have come up with a long list of why it’s not their favorite place to sit. A few students even got together to create a petition. Katia Huddleston (‘22) says, “One time I went up early during lunch, and I looked out the window towards the four square courts and the middle school wasn’t even out there. I think that since they have a different lunch time, we should be able to share it.”

“I don’t like the oak grove because there are ants and pollen everywhere, I’m always getting ant bites because they fall from the trees right onto us,” said Anna Reins (‘22).

When the senior class was asked where they preferred to eat lunch, an overwhelming majority voted for the four square court.

The move back to the four square court was short but sweet, with many commenting on how nice it was to be back.

Maggie Smith (’23) says,  “It was kind of crowded because it’s not a big enough space for two grade levels, but I’d take crowded over ants crawling on me any day.”

The level of crowdedness led students to think that it caused the move back to the oak grove, but nobody knows for sure.

Assistant Principal Erin Krukar says, “I wish I had a crystal ball and could give you a clear answer. The best answer I can give right now is that we will be eating outside in the oak grove for as long as necessary. The safety of the students is our highest priority, and we will do what we need to do to keep you all well.”

A senior group of friends sits together under the trees in the Oak Grove. (Nicole Sakre/Achona Online)

Because the constant back and forth is not ideal, students hope it will settle down soon. As Covid fluctuates, all policies at Academy do as well, which is what is leaving so many issues up in the air.

Jane Ruppel (’22) says, “Although I wish the seniors were allowed to sit in the lounge, I understand that administration just wants to keep us safe. However, I hope that Covid cases start to level off soon so that we can have some things back to normal for our last year of high school.”



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