Achona staff gets in the holiday spirit as they prepare for the gift-giving season! (Photo Credit: Olivia Book/Achona Online)
Achona staff gets in the holiday spirit as they prepare for the gift-giving season!

Photo Credit: Olivia Book/Achona Online

Achona gift guide 2021

December 9, 2021

As the gift giving season nears, ideas for presents is a strong topic of conversation for all. Within the Achona staff, there is a wide variety of desired gifts which were put together to help inspire last-minute gift-givers! 

Chloe Mintz: Dyson Hair Dryer

Photo Credit: Dyson

I know, I know. It’s a splurge. But, I genuinely think the Dyson hair dryer would be worth the expense. With incredibly thick hair (like mine), the hair dryer (supposedly) makes hair styling so much easier. It’s obviously not a need, but the hair dryer is certainly a want of mine.”

Olivia Book: Marc Jacobs Purse

Photo Credit: Marc Jacobs

“I really want this purse because I think it is something that I can use every day!”

Ellie Martinez: Crosley Record Player

Photo Credit: Crosley Radio

“I asked for a record player for Christmas this year, because I think it’s a fun, new way to listen to music in my room!” 

Nicole Sakre: Hoka Running Shoes

Photo Credit: Hoka

“I want these shoes because I really need a new pair of running shoes and I’ve heard how comfortable these are. I’ve seen them on other people and I thought they were really cute!!”

Abigail Neal: Coco Mademoiselle Perfume  

Photo Credit: Chanel

“I want this perfume because it is my favorite and signature scent. I recently ran out and cannot wait to receive a refill!” 

Lily Lopez: Nike Air Force 1 Brown Beige 

Photo Credit: The Custom Movement

“I love the unique color of these shoes and really want them for Christmas! I feel like they will be a great piece to bring with me to college.” 

Olivia Payne: PuffPal Plushie

Photo Credit: Fluffnest

I think these stuffed animals look so goofy and cute, and I love the color palette and names that they each have. They make me feel happy and relaxed.”

Eleanor Amoriello: Converse 

Photo Credit: Converse


“I want these shoes because I think they’re so cool and I can wear them all the time.”

Millie Garstka: UNC Pullover Sweatshirt 

Photo Credit: UNC Student Stores

“For Christmas this year, I want a Carolina sweatshirt because I lived in Chapel Hill, NC for nine years and I really enjoyed going to UNC football and basketball games.” 

Kimberly Egoavil: Hogwarts LEGO Set

Photo Credit: LEGO

I would like the Hogwarts castle lego set because me and my brother enjoy building legos together. Recently he’s also shown interest in Harry Potter and I would like to share that with him.” 

Emelia Drell: Comforter

Photo Credit: Target

I really want this comforter because it’s super thick and cozy, plus I think it would be a nice change for my room and make my bedding more cohesive with my room decor.” 

Raquelle Elson: Nintendo Switch Lite

Photo Credit: Nintendo

“For Christmas, I want a Nintendo Switch. Personally, I think the quality of my life would see a drastic improvement if I had a little game to play every time I avoided my piles worth of homework.”

Elise Favret: Grande Lash 

Photo Credit: Grand Lash Cosmetics

“One of the things that I am asking for this year is Grande Lash because I have friends who use it and they had really good results!”

Isabel Bequer: Bombas Holiday Ankle Socks 

Photo Credit: Bombas

“While these may seem expensive, these socks are the most comfortable socks I have ever worn. They’re perfectly thick and keep you warm without being overly hot. They fit with so many different shoes and you can wear them for a variety of activities. Also, the holiday patterns are so fun and perfectly themed for the holiday season.”

Winsome Storm: Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Photo Credit: Amazon

“I would like to get the Animal Crossing DLC so I can make all of my villagers happy and have an excuse to play on my switch more.”

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