Students talk about the responsibilities of having a high school job. (Photo credit:
Students talk about the responsibilities of having a high school job.

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Students discuss balancing academics with high school jobs

November 11, 2022

High school can be stressful and time-consuming, especially for seniors who have college applications and standardized tests coming up. Most wouldn’t want to add anything else to their plate, but some upperclassmen have started seeking out jobs to get a taste of the real word.

Alana Young (12) shares her experience with having an after-school job, and what it’s like to level out work and school.

Alana Young (12) bags groceries for the shoppers at publix. (Photo Credit: Asha Judd/Achona Online)

Young has been working at Publix for over a year. She decided to get a job in order to make her own money, mostly so that she could pay for her car. Young works as a cashier, bags items, and pushes carts. She explained that on school days her shifts are around 4-5 hours, whereas on weekends they last up to 10 hours.  

Alana Young (12) poses at her cashier station with her co-worker Sabrina Mushen (11), who also attends Academy. (Photo Credits: Asha Judd/Achona Online)

When asked about keeping up with school while spending most of her free time at work, she said “I do homework on my breaks, so balancing school and work is doable.”

Young also explained that because she is a minor, she is required to take a break every four hours. Of course Young would rather keep working to pass the time, but she is grateful that she can use her breaks to complete school assignments and study. 

In Young’s words, “I recommend getting a high school job because it taught me a lot about money”. After working at Publix for more than a year, Young has obtained many skills that will aid her after graduation. Some of these skills include saving money, time management, and communication skills. 

Working hard, Young pushes carts in and out of the building during a 5 hour shift after school. (Photo Credit: Asha Judd/Achona Online)

Overall, Young believes that getting a high school job is a great way to make money and prepare for the future. To search for potential high school job opportunities, click here!

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