Someone I Hardly Know Started Talking to Me

August 30, 2020

Dear Achona,

What does it mean when someone you barely know wants to start talking?


Dear Anonymous,

This is an interesting, and slightly vague, predicament but not something we haven’t all come across at some point in high school. I am going to take this question form the angle of “someone” being a classmate. In this case, I have two thoughts as to why this might be occurring. Maybe they want to be your friend? When I was in middle school, for example, I hung out with the wrong crowd until sixth or seventh grade, but I then realized that my former “friends” were not nice people. As a result, one random day, I started talking to a much kinder classmate, and she is still a close friend of mine. Or, on the darker side of things, maybe they have an ulterior motive as to why they started talking to you. They may need help in a certain class and know you are pretty awesome in that subject (you’re welcome for the compliment). Either way, my advice would be to be cautious when around said person, but also don’t assume anything too quickly. After a while, simply ask them: why did you start talking to me?

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