Balancing Sports, School, and Extracurriculars

September 8, 2020

Dear Achona,

How do I manage a major increase in homework when I have sports and other extracurriculars?


Dear Anonymous, 

First, it’s important to acknowledge that this is a question that we all struggle with throughout high school. It is easy to feel alone in this struggle, but always remembers that we are all just trying our best to make it through the day. The beginning of the school year is an especially hard time as we adjust to our new schedules and workloads. Try to keep in mind that the school year has barely started, and that it might take you some time to find your groove regarding homework. Academics come first; if you find yourself needing to spend extra time on your homework, don’t cut corners with your studies because it will often come back to haunt you. Limit your distractions when studying and do your best to maximize the time you dedicate to schoolwork. The next piece of advice may seem cliche, but it is a cliche because it works: develop a schedule. Plan out what you need to do each day and prioritize the most important activities. Buy a planner or use your calendar app to keep track of due dates, important events, and deadlines. Once you fall into a routine, you should find that you have more free time than you thought as the days become less stressful. The last piece of advice is that if you are struggling, do not be afraid to ask for help. Explain your situation to your coaches and teachers when you feel overwhelmed. If you are having serious trouble prioritizing homework time, step into the guidance office and ask to meet with an academic counselor. The guidance office is always available to help you meet your academic needs, so do not be afraid to go in and ask for some study tips. If you think your grades are slipping, get a study partner or tutor. Being proactive and seeking help from those around you will help with finding a work-life balance. 

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