How to Tell a Peer to Correct their Mask

September 3, 2020

Dear Achona,

What is the best way to tell someone who isn’t wearing their mask correctly to fix it? 


Dear Anonymous,

Unfortunately, the dreaded mask dilemma (How To Wear and How Not To Wear Your Face Mask) is a conundrum we will continue to encounter well into society’s post-covid era. Of course, that’s not to say we cannot attempt to remedy such a dilemma within the Academy community. If and when you come across a peer improperly sporting their mask, consider asking them if they mind adjusting their mask. Taking your peer’s feelings into consideration is key— even whilst in a pandemic we are selfish beings. Another fool proof phrasing to maintain your friendships and ensure the safety of our community is, “Just a heads up, but you might want to adjust your mask. It’s not properly secured around your ears/ sliding down your nose/ acting as a chin guard as opposed to a face mask” (Perhaps avoid speaking the last critique aloud.) 

While I cannot guarantee that your suggestions will be heeded, I can guarantee that your reputation as a polite classmate will remain intact.

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