How to Combat “Senioritis”

February 5, 2021

Dear Achona,

“How can I combat ‘senioritis’?”


Dear Anonymous,

I would be lying if I said I have not begun to experience the effects of senioritis as we approach the end of the second semester. However, my senioritis has not caused me to feel lazy, but rather dread coming to school and feeling annoyed with the amount of work and projects given by our teachers. To be fair, it is a lot, but to make matters worse, I approach it with the mentality that as seniors, we shouldn’t be bombarded with work. However, rather than view it as teachers’ last act of cruelty upon the senior class before we graduate, I have to remember that like me, they are also stressed as they have to ensure they fulfill their class requirements before we finish school on the April 30.

So, my point from that little spiel is that no person experiences the same senioritis per-se, but we can each work to have a common mindset in combatting it. Instead of getting unmotivated by repeatedly complaining that “it doesn’t even mean anything anymore because I am going to college soon,” we can instead continue to study hard for the betterment of ourselves, rather than using our grades as a way to impress others. Instead of viewing school and its work in a negative light, look at it as a way to grow as a person intellectually, socially, and academically that will benefit us for life in college. And although second semester senior grades are actually important as colleges do get sent our transcript for the entirety of the year, rather than feel pressured to continue striving for good grades, establish a balance between pressure and motivation that will serve to combat senioritis, but also improve who we are as young women inching closer and closer to adulthood.

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