Meghan Markle’s Interview: How Important is the Truth?

March 17, 2021

Dear Achona,

“I watched the latest interview between Oprah, Meghan Markle, and Prince Harry, and it got me thinking. Should you always come out and say what you feel, or should you keep it to yourself if it can hurt others close to you?”

Dear Anonymous,

We’ve all been buzzing about the royal couple’s interview with Oprah, and it definitely raises several questions about the pressures of the limelight, the importance of the truth, and the role of tradition in the 21st century. For us non-royals, the interview does illuminate an important truth: we are all worthy of sharing our side of the story and explaining our perspectives.

As for making a decision to share when truth can be damaging towards others, it depends on the severity of the repercussions of telling the truth versus staying silent. If you find your reputation, relationships, and day-to-day being harmed, then telling others about your feelings regardless of how it affects them might be worth it for you. If sharing your feelings could seriously harm others and not provide you with any benefits, then it might be best to keep it to yourself. Although it’s natural to want to protect others from negativity, it becomes difficult to stay honest when you’re actively sheltering or protecting the truth from being exposed.

There’s one thing about truth that people often forget: it has a way of revealing itself to the parties involved. Oftentimes, regardless of whether we want to keep something to ourselves, it will be revealed to the world. Thus, it might be better to get ahead of that and take power in broadcasting your own true feelings versus waiting for it to be distorted by others. This was especially true for Meghan Markle, as she was able to reclaim the narrative surrounding her life by telling her side of the story. Ultimately, the truth can be very healing, and it is usually in the best interest of everyone that it be revealed.

We’ll be diving into the Oprah, Meghan Markle, and Prince Harry interview in a podcast coming very soon, so if you’re interested in hearing the staff’s opinions on the complexities of the interview, make sure you keep your eyes peeled for that podcast.

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