Filing Taxes as a Teenager

April 19, 2021

Dear Achona,

“If I have a part-time job, do I still need to file taxes?”

Dear Anonymous,

This is certainly a pragmatic and responsible question to be asking yourself! Taxes are definitely a very adult topic! Although I am not up to date with tax laws, a quick Google search revealed that it depends on whether you make above a certain amount, which varies by year. These income requirements for filing taxes as a dependent are outlined in IRS Publication 501. For example, a dependent child who worked during 2019 was required to file a tax return if they earned more than $12,200 during the year. As a teenager or young person, you are most likely being claimed on your parent’s taxes as a dependent. If you do not file your taxes as a dependent, your parents are liable for the tax.

I am not an expert on taxes, so I would highly recommend talking to your parents and employer about the exact procedure for filing your taxes. As of March 2019, all taxpayers file using IRS Form 1040, and the due date for filing tax returns has been extended to May 17, 2021. Good luck filing your taxes!

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