High School As Told By “New Girl”

October 31, 2016


Photo Credit: Haiqa Mian/Achona Online

“New Girl” is a popular tv show on FOX that first debuted in 2011 and is currently on its sixth season.

High school always has its ups and downs. No matter where a student went to high school, there are specific things they can all relate to. Here is a list that past and present high schoolers will understand.

1  Starting your Freshman Year

2  Making new friends

Freshman Grace Orama claims, “I went here in middle school, and I knew the general population of people, so I tried to help the new students out and be sort of like a guide. If they had any questions about anything, I tried to help them.”

3  Having endless amounts of homework, even on the weekends

4  Stressing about midterms and finals

5 Every time you get a break from school

6  Getting your driver’s license

Junior Mickey Carney admits, “I was so happy because I could do everything myself. I didn’t have to cancel plans because my parents weren’t available to take me. It gave me so much freedom.”

7  Going to Prom

8  Applying to Colleges

9  Getting Accepted to College

10  Graduating


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