AMC’s “Walking Dead” Returns With Season 7 (Warning:Spoilers)

November 1, 2016

AMC’s hit series, The Walking Dead, returned to television on Sunday October 23, 2016, for the seventh season.

The show is an AMC series based off of comic books of the same name, written by Robert Kirkman. It follows the events that occur as the main character, Rick Grimes, wakes up from a coma, to realize that there had been an outbreak of “walkers”, or zombies. He and his family then try to find ways to survive the apocalypse, with the help of other survivors. In the past six seasons, the survivors have banded together, faced hardships, and lost some of those closest to them, all while fighting the “walking dead”.

The first episode of the seventh season left fans feeling outraged, yet eager for more. The show’s director, Frank Darabont, killed off two of the show’s beloved main characters, Glenn and Abraham, reminding viewers that any character is vulnerable. Darabont and the producers of the show also decided to withhold revealing details from previews for the following episode, leaving fans on a total cliffhanger. This caused an outpour of opinions on many social media platforms, such as Twitter.

Sophomore, Brianna Benito, commented, “I cannot even begin to describe how surprised I was when the directors killed off two of the main characters, especially in the way that they did. It was really disgusting, but I don’t plan on not watching the show. I want to see how the remaining characters deal with their losses.”

Just as season 7 has made it’s triumphant return, AMC announced that the series has been renewed for their eighth season.

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