“Captain Marvel” Trailer Creates Excitement

September 25, 2018


Photo Credit: Jaclyn McCauley/Achona Online

Marvel Studios has been producing movies since 2008, with Iron Man being their first film. They have produced 19 more movies since then.

“Captain Marvel” will be released on March 8, 2019 and is being portrayed by actress Brie Larson. The trailer was recently released and has already been viewed over 100 million times. It has caused much excitement within the Marvel fanbase as it is the first Marvel movie to center around a female superhero.

The “Captain Marvel” comics were first written in 1967 by Stan Lee. The comics follow a woman named Carol Danvers who has powers including superhuman strength, endurance, stamina, flight, and physical durability.

Abby Miller (‘21) says, “I read the ‘Captain Marvel’ comics when I was younger. My mom bought them for me and I became obsessed with them. The trailer looks amazing and I am looking forward to see the movie.”

Marvel has decided to release the film on International Women’s Day, March 8, which is very significant to fans.

Robin-Sailor Zander (‘19) says, “She is one of the most underrated characters, yet she is so powerful. Historically, female superheroes are sexualized, which is very unfortunate. This, along with its release date, is so significant to girls. Girls finally have someone to look up to.”

Larson has already received sexist comments and remarks via Twitter, mostly about her appearance. People were critical of the fact that her character was not shown smiling in the trailer. One individual photoshopped smiles onto her face in the trailer. However, she was quick to respond to these critics through a post on her Instagram story. She posted pictures of male superheroes with smiles edited on their faces.

Sarah Mounce (‘20) says, “I liked the fan responses to the edits of ‘Captain Marvel’. They were funny and made the situation a little better. There are so many people excited to see this movie, which makes the anticipation even worse. I can’t wait to see the movie.”


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