The covers of podcasts including “Very Really Good,” “TMG,” “Anything Goes,” “Jem’s Coffee Shop,” “The Matcha Diaries,” and “Books and Boba.” ((Photo Credit: Ellie Martinez/Canva/Achona Online))
The covers of podcasts including “Very Really Good,” “TMG,” “Anything Goes,” “Jem’s Coffee Shop,” “The Matcha Diaries,” and “Books and Boba.”

(Photo Credit: Ellie Martinez/Canva/Achona Online)

Six podcast recommendations for any mood

January 27, 2022

There is an abundance of online entertainment options that provide enjoyment and amusement in the day-to-day lives of many individuals. Because there are so many options available, it can certainly be challenging to find recreational media best suited for each individual. However, with podcasts growing extremely popular within the past few years, this challenge seems more accomplishable. With more specific and interest-geared entertainment developing, there is a podcast for every person and every mood. 

For Comedy: 

1. Very Really Good with Kurtis Conner

Very Really Good is a comedic podcast hosted by popular YouTuber, Kurtis Conner. Conner uploads podcasts every week, with each episode being around 50 minutes. Every episode is fun and personable, as Conner talks freely about his funniest weekly finds. Conner is guaranteed to make listeners laugh with the random and fun, fast-paced podcast routine. 

2. TMG with Cody Ko and Noel Miller 

TMG is a comedy-focused podcast hosted by popular YouTubers, Cody Ko and Noel Miller. Ko and Miller have long been a favorite duo of the Youtube community, due to the popularity of their “That’s Cringe” youtube series. Each episode ranges from one hour to an hour and 20 minutes. TMG has weekly episodes, with a hilarious array of topics every episode. 

For Advice: 

3. Anything Goes with Emma Chamberlain 

Anything Goes is a personal stories and comedy podcast hosted by popular YouTuber, Emma Chamberlain. Chamberlain is widely attributed for her relatability and intimate conversations with her viewers on youtube, and especially with her listeners on Anything Goes. Each episode is full of honest conversations, comedic stories, and advice. Chamberlain’s advice tends to focus on the struggles of being a teenager in the modern world, though her diverse life experience lends itself to helping a wide range of individuals. An episode is around one hour and is sure to leave viewers feeling less alone in their challenges. 


4. Jem’s Coffee Shop 

Jem’s Coffee Shop is a pop culture, entertainment, and relationships podcast hosted by Jem. In each episode, Jem discusses current situations occurring in her personal life, and specific takeaways and lessons she has learned from each one. The podcast is incredibly relaxing in nature and will leave listeners feeling warmth and comfort from their intimate and relatable topics. Jem describes her podcast as an entertainment form listeners can relax and sip on their favorite beverage too, which thoroughly sums up their level of opulence. The episodes are on the shorter end, each episode perfectly wrapped up in around 20 minutes each – although these lengths can widely differ from one another. 

5. The Matcha Diaries

A personal favorite, The Matcha Diaries is a personal stories podcast hosted by best friends Cara and Leo. Every week, the duo converse about intimate and personal situations occurring in their lives, often concerning their jobs, families, relationships, mental health, and their friendship. Cara and Leo are incredibly personable and charming, and their relatable challenges and experiences are often accompanied by a positive and uplifting outlook – which can be incredibly comforting for listeners in the same boat. An episode is around one hour and is definitely to earn the admiration of many listeners.


6.  Books and Boba 

Books and Boba is a books, society, and culture podcast hosted by Potluck Podcast Collective. The podcast in an online book club is dedicated to introducing and discussing novels specifically by Asian and Asian American authors. An episode is around half an hour-long, with interesting and fun discussions relating to novels. The podcast often has authors brought on to talk about their novels, further highlighting Asian and Asian American talent in the industry. Books and Boba is a great way to discover new and exciting novels, support Asian and Asian American writers, and indulge in reading hobbies. 

Though these podcasts are a select few of personal favorites, the podcasts available for every interest and hobby are endless. Podcasts will continue to be a personable and relaxing way to enjoy free time to come, and finding staple podcasts can only help contribute to episode collections. 

Junior Cameron Capaz is one of many who enjoys podcasts often. 

“I love podcasts! I live pretty far away from a lot of things, and listening to podcasts on my long drives is always entertaining. It’s super relaxing, especially when I have a lot of time to spend,” says Capaz (‘23). 

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