Kanye (Ye) West puts his career at risk after recent social media posts

November 5, 2022

Kanye West, also known as Ye, has been sparking disputes across social media since his tragic divorce from Kim Kardashian. Ye’s actions have caused him extreme losses in the fashion and music industry. There are many consequences he might face in the upcoming months. 

West’s behavior started after his separation from Kim, particularly when she started dating again. Kim began dating Pete Davidson, which triggered Ye’s early actions. Ye began making threatening remarks towards Pete, including referring to him as Skete, creating a music video depicting his death, and accusing Pete of getting Kim and her family into drugs. 

In Kanye West’s music video, he depicts Pete Davidson’s death and burying him. (Photo Credit: dailyhive.com)

Senior Emma Leavy shared her opinion on this situation with Pete. She said, “Ye is just trying to get his ex-wife Kims attention, and its working, but in the worst way possible.”

Ye’s drama with Pete Davidson and his ex-wife has died down after the breakup of the two a few months ago, but West has only gotten more problematic. 

The point at which Ye crossed the last line happened just a few days ago. Ye posted disturbing comments on social media, making anti-semitic remarks and saying he wants to kill people in the Jewish community. On top of this, Ye was seen wearing a “white lives matter” shirt, a piece of clothing often seen on by racist, white supremacists. 

The tweet above, posted by Kanye West, sparked major controversy due to its anti-semitic nature, which upset the Jewish community and many others. (Photo Credit: jewishaz.com)
Kanye West posed in a “White Lives Matter” shirt at a fashion event in Paris. (Photo Credit: people.com)















As of this week, West is no longer partnered with Adidas and Gap, two of his most successful partnerships. He was deleted from Balenciaga and Vogue’s social media, not invited to the Grammy awards, and withdrew from his opportunity to headline at the Coachella music festival. Ye is no longer supported by the Creative Artists agency, either. As for Skims, his ex-wife’s clothing line, he is no longer playing an active role in the brand. Sophia Swezey (12) said, “It’s so disappointing that all of his recent drama has caused him to lose all of these amazing opportunities that others dream of.” 

West’s behavior has caused a lot of fear, violence, and chaos. Some believe that West is doing this all on purpose as a scapegoat to avoid paying his way out of brand deals and partnerships. Whatever the case may be, Kanye’s actions have stirred up a lot of controversy, and there is more expected to come.

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