Netflix released season 3 of Outer Banks on February 23. (Smith Cassidy/ Achona Online (Made with Piktochart))
Netflix released season 3 of Outer Banks on February 23.

Smith Cassidy/ Achona Online (Made with Piktochart)

Netflix releases ‘Outer Banks’ season 3

March 7, 2023

One of Netflix’s most popular shows, Outer Banks, has made its third return for another season. Since its release at the peak of quarantine in 2020, Outer Banks has taken this generation by storm and has been Netflix’s number 1 show multiple times. As they release another season, many people wonder if the show will begin to have a pattern of repetition in its plot, a frequent criticism at Netflix shows after multiple seasons. We took a look at Outer Banks over the three seasons for a comprehensive review.

As seen by the public, Outer Banks has been a tremendous binge-worthy show for all ages. It incorporates a fun cast of relatable characters, who struggle and excel in their different strengths and weaknesses throughout the show. The plot is also very enticing, as it is seen as a younger, teenage show, and also incorporates a treasure-hunting and murder mystery cliffhanger. 

“When Outer Banks was released during quarantine, I was insanely obsessed. I think being at home with nothing else to do definitely enhanced that obsession, but it felt like a new lifestyle. It was all over social media and season one was just so good, that the whole world was also obsessed,” said Maggie Smith (‘23). 


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It is set in the Outer Banks islands in North Carolina, where it displays two different ways of life: the struggles of the lower class/working public and the privilege that comes along with being in the upper class of the island. The show has made it clear that having a lot of money does not make you a good person. 

When the first season was released, the storyline was fun, and enticing, and left the viewers on a cliffhanger. As most people know, the show revolves around lost treasure from a shipwreck, while the cast of teenagers jumps through obstacles to find it. As the second season was expected, many were curious to see how the plot would thicken or possibly have “more treasure” for the characters to find. 

In the second season, the show definitely did not disappoint, but again had a very similar plot line compared to the first season. With this type of show, the story can only go on for so long, and as time goes on, there seems to be a repeating pattern in the episodes. Now, as season three is released, it will be very interesting to see how Outer Banks can attempt to avoid its biggest criticism, repetition. 

Personally, I recently finished season 3 of Outer Banks, and I have to say that I think season 2 was much better. The plot of this season just felt too spread out and big, because the characters were separated for a lot of the season. Also, the treasure-hunting storyline just felt a little unrealistic because it led them all the way to South America. On the other hand, I did enjoy watching the relationships grow and be tested among the characters. Overall, I did enjoy season 2 more, but season 3 was still pretty binge-worthy. 

“I definitely thought that some of the characters in this season were irrelevant, for my people who have watched this season, Carlos Singh just felt like a burden to watch. His storyline was not interesting to me whatsoever, and I wanted to skip his scenes every time”, said Ava Politz (‘23).

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