Mrs. Quire brings her knowledge in Physics to the Academy


Gaby Ruiz

Mrs. Quire guides her freshmen physics class through a lab.

So far so good for new physics teacher, Mrs. Kimberly Quire. After seven years of teaching Tampa Catholic High School and King IB, Ms. Quire decided to leave it all behind and come to AHN to teach the freshman class of 2017. Although Academy is a completely different atmosphere than what she is used to, Mrs. Quire has nothing but positive things to say about her experience so far.

“The best part about Academy is the level of respect and family feeling from the girls, it’s really nice and welcoming”.

Even though physics can be a difficult topic to teach, Mrs. Quire has done an amazing job introducing the subject to the girls. The entire freshman class is under her care as she teaches the laws of motion, sound waves and vectors to both College Preparatory and Honors students.

Not only is the all-girls school new for her, so are the iPads. She has been using the iPads in her classroom and enjoys the challenge of finding new ways to involve them in learning the curriculum. Mrs. Quire loves using them as stop watches for the many labs students do throughout the year.

Our physics teacher may be new to an all-girls Catholic high school, but she is no stranger to the Tampa Bay area. She moved from Illinois to Florida at the age of thirteen and graduated from the University of South Florida.

During her time in graduate school, she tutored students and “loved seeing the light come on when someone understood it”.

Mrs. Quire looks forward to her first year at AHN and is ready to bring her knowledge in Physics to the freshmen.