Why Academy Girls Are Going NUTS For Almond Milk

September 19, 2016


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Senior Reilly Sleater comments, “My favorite brand of almond milk is Silk’s unsweetened vanilla. I literally have almond milk at anytime of the day. I either make smoothies with it in the morning or drink it straight!”

As health and fitness become more of a trend than a lifestyle, people dig deeper into healthy alternatives. Dairy is controversial when it comes to health because of the many risk factors. Some of these factors include cardiovascular disease, prostate cancer, and it is also hard on a person’s digestion. Almond milk is a healthy replacement that improves a person’s overall health.

Almond Milk is a creamy mixture made from blended almonds and water.  What makes Almond milk so healthy is that it is free of both cholesterol and lactose. There are many brands and types of almond milk that provide consumers with the options of unsweetened, sweetened, regular, chocolate, or vanilla flavors.

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Almond milk is a healthier alternative because it is low in fat, provides energy and contains many vitamins.  The fiber and protein in almond milk is great for strengthening muscles after a workout too.

Freshman Sophia Arnold adds, “I love to put chocolate almond milk in my cereal every morning because it helps me have the energy to start my day.”

Some vitamins in almond milk like  vitamin C, vitamin E, iron, potassium and calcium promote a healthy body and flawless skin. Since there is a low saturation of fat, almond milk is known to reduce blood pressure which leads to a healthy heart. Almond milk is also great for those with lactose intolerance because it is not considered a dairy product.


5 ways to incorporate almond milk in your diet:

1.Smoothies are easy to make and rich in nutrition. There are an unlimited amount of things to add to them, however adding almond milk will decrease the number of calories and make the smoothie even creamier. 

2.  Substitute regular with almond milk in your cereal. The vanilla flavored almond milk adds more flavor to your cereal too!

3. Another way to use almond milk is in coffee.

Sophomore Juliana Jett shares, “I tried almond milk as an alternative years ago and fell in love. Every morning I enjoy Almond Breeze unsweetened vanilla in my cereal and coffee.”

4. Almond Milk brands also sell dairy free ice creams made with almond milk. There is little difference in the taste and has fewer calories.

5. If your recipe calls for milk, substitute it with almond milk while baking. Strategizing the almond milk flavor will also enhance a meal.

Considering the health benefits, the great taste, and multiple uses, there is nothing to lose when including almond milk in your daily diet. Almond milk can be purchased at almost any grocery store. The most common brands of almond milk are Silk, Blue Diamond, Almond Dream, and SO Delicious. Keep an eye out for almond milk at the grocery store and join this upcoming phenomenon.

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