If Kid President Was Running for President

October 31, 2016


Novak’s brother-in-law is the creator of all the videos Credit: Grace Neal/Achona Online

With the presidential election in full swing, many people have been stressed about the decision between Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. Yet, the ideal candidate has been under America’s noses the whole time: Kid President. Kid President, Robby Novak, is an entertainment personality who started making videos through his platform as “president” to send messages of optimism and give kids voices. Since 2012, Kid President has shared his youthful point of view of the  world; in doing so he has proved that kids can make a change.

Beginning his term as Kid President at around age nine, Novak had his priorities and his platform issues straight. His views on the economy center around a no money, no problem foundation and he prefers to refer to foreign policy as “fart policy”. As for his stance on media in America, he stresses the importance of anti-bullying online. In one of his speeches, Novak mentions that TV and the internet are full of pessimistic points of views and characters, which create a bitter environment for everyone online. Comparing the current presidential candidates to Kid President shows an obvious difference in how they handle the internet and how they want the media world to be employed.

Many people may wonder about what political party Kid President associates with, yet he declares ”I’m not in a party, I am a party”.


courtesy of rebloggy.com
courtesy of rebloggy.com

A president should be a leader for a country and in doing so, should improve the citizens along with their futures. Kid President takes this role of his position very seriously and has made inspiring people to dream big a major platform of his. Novak’s famous pep talk went viral and encouraged audiences to reflect on aiming higher and to not allow themselves to be boring. Two techniques he trusts that can help this situation are eating lots of cupcakes and dancing.

Kid President has made many wise statements in his speeches that can apply to the current election such as “Before you say something about the barbecue sauce on somebody else’s shirt, take a look at the barbecue sauce on your own shirt.”

Kid President, in almost all of his videos, promotes kindness by not only saying the right thing, but doing it. Staying true to his motto, Kid President believes that by making people more awesome, the world will improve. This idea has been a foreign concept in many recent elections. The 2016 presidential candidates, like many before them, like to antagonize and place blame on each other. If there was a candidate like Kid President, the election season would not be a time of stress and harsh competition; it would be a time of improvement and making a change together as a nation.

In another speech, Kid President uses his young perspective to motivate adults sharing “When you were a kid did you say, I wanna be boring and mean when I grow up? What? Nobody says that! For realsies. Instead you wanna be good! You wanna make the world better.”

Kid President uses his influence on the media to get involved with many social justice centered projects, and in doing so he motivates many others to do the same. He began a campaign on his web show titled “Awesome Girls” in 2015, which highlights young girls changing the world and promotes empowerment for women. This web series Novak is working on is meant to filter out the negative effects the media has on girls, and leave only positive messages to boost self confidence. Another project he is affiliated with is Socktober, Academy also participates in Socktober. This sock drive benefits the homeless in local areas and raises awareness for their needs.

The 2016 election is a very competitive time in America, a great choice for the next president is a 12 year old boy. Kid President is already making a change in the world around him and is using his influence appropriately, which is not always the case with the current nominees for president. His videos have been motivating audiences to take action in their world and dance their way to success. By the year 2040, Kid President may be on the presidential ballot where he belongs.

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