Struggles of a Christmas lover in November

November 15, 2016


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This year, the first Christmas commercial came from K Mart on the day after Labor Day.

Around the time of November, the topic of Christmas is very controversial. Many people believe Christmas festivities should not commence before Thanksgiving is over. However, Christmas lovers see November as an appropriate time to start celebrations. Over the course of the month, these Christmas enthusiasts face harsh judgement as they attempt to express their excitement in public. Here are just few of the struggles that these people face until Thanksgiving.


Only being able to play Christmas music alone

Most people refuse to listen to Christmas music until Thanksgiving is over. For the Christmas fanatics, November marks a time acceptable to listen to Christmas music. These people have to listen to their music under the radar, however, or else they will face criticism from their peers.

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Resisting the urge to wear Christmas sweaters

During Christmas time, sweaters are a fun way to express excitement while staying warm during the cold weather. However, wearing these sweaters in November automatically comes with mean looks and snide comments in public. These come so often that the joy of a Christmas sweater is not even worth it until Thanksgiving is over.


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Creating a mental Christmas list, then having to wait it out

With the festives of Christmas come the creation of a master Christmas list. Some create this the week before the holiday, but Christmas lovers have been keeping one up all year long. The agony of having to wait to get the presents on the list for weeks on end makes the last minute list seem more appealing.


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Keeping your friend’s gifts a secret

Most holiday enthusiasts not only get their own lists done early, but also finalize the presents for their friends and family ahead of time. Keeping these gifts secret for a longer amount of time can be difficult, especially when the gift is absolutely a perfect fit for their loved ones.

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Endless questions while at the check out counter

Most Christmas lovers get ahead on their decorations as well. While stores begin to sell these, employees are still amused to see people buying them so early. Checking out with anything Christmas related before Thanksgiving is bound to receive questions and sarcastic comments from the people working at the counters.


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