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Giving and receiving gifts is part of the reason why Christmas is considered a heartwarming season.

Achona’s Gift Ideas

December 7, 2016

Every year people struggle to find the perfect gift for their friends and family. The Achona Staff has put together a coalition of gifts from every price range and style. These gifts are perfect for a friend or family member. The list is ordered from least to most expensive.

1. Lush Bath Bombs $4.50-$8.95


Lush also sells special Christmas packages that have a bundle of Lush products all in one. Credit: Chloe Paman/Achona Staff

2. Rose Gold Sunglasses $5.00

Credit: Olivia Fernandez/Achona Online

3. Trader Joe’s Ugly Sweater Cookie Kit $5.99 

Credit: Audrey Diaz/Achona Online

4. Mason Jar with Cranberry Cookie Mix Inside $6.00

Credit: Franciose Corser/Achona Online

5. Choker Necklace from A Haley $9.99 

Credit: Victoria Baldor/Achona Online

6. Elephant Jewelry Dish $10.00 

Credit: Haiqa Mian/Achona Online

7. Art Print Movie Poster from Etsy $7.64-$12.74 

Credit: Grace Neal/Achona Online

8. Jewelry/Trinket holder $12.00 

Credit: Samantha Cano/Achona Online

9. Starbucks Mug with Hot Cocoa Mix $12.00 

Credit: Franciose Corser/Achona Online

10. Earrings from Loft $12.99 

Credit: Vanessa Alvarez/Achona Online

11. “Yes Please” by Amy Poehler $13.59/$21.54 

Credit: Alex Smith/Achona Online

12. Pineapple Ornament from Urban Outfitters $14.00 

Credit: Valerie White/Achona Online

13. Wooden Christmas Sign $14.99 

Credit: Riley Rubio/Achona Online

14. Slipper Socks from Francesca’s $14.00-$16.00 

Credit: Juliana Ferrie/Achona Online

15. Ring Holder from Anthropologie $16.00 

Credit: Alyssa Muir/Achona Online

16. Anthropologie Mug $16.00 

Credit: Julia Prince/Achona Online

17. Necklace from The Look Boutique $16.00 

Credit: Olivia Porcaro/Achona Online

18. Carpe Diem Book $14.95 

Credit: Audrey Anello/Achona Online
This is the perfect gift for an ambitious friend. It is proven that if someone writes down their goals they are more likely to achieve them.

19. Bourbon and Bowtie Bracelet $22.00-$32.00

Credit: Alexis Alvarez/Achona Online

20. Sephora Favorites Sampler $24.00

Credit: Maria Cacciatore/Achona Online

21. Stila Liquid Lipstick in the color “Bacca” $24.00

Keri Kelly says, "This is a Stila liquid lipstick in the shade 'bacca'. It's a nice winter burgundy, it smells like frosting, it doesn't budge off your lips all day long, and it's a cheaper alternative to a Kylie Jenner lip kit." (Kylie Jenner lip kits are $29.00 + shipping)
Credit: Keri Kelly/Achona Online
Keri Kelly says, “This is a Stila liquid lipstick in the shade ‘bacca’. It’s a nice winter burgundy, it smells like frosting, it doesn’t budge off your lips all day long, and it’s a cheaper alternative to a Kylie Jenner lip kit.” (Kylie Jenner lip kits are $29.00 + shipping)

22. Urban Outfitters Ultra Thin Charger $24.00 

Credit: Maria Cacciatore/Achona Online

23. Smashbox Double Exposure Eyeshadow Palette $24.97 

Credit: Jessica Galvis/Achona Online

24. Candles from Anthropologie $26.00 

Credit: Devin Folkman/Achona Online

26. Lululemon Water Bottle $28.00 


27. Alex and Ani bracelet $28.00 

Alex and Ani bracelets are stackable and make cute stocking stuffers.

Credit: Shannon Flaharty/Achona Online

28. Kylie Jenner Lip Kit $29.00 

Kylie Jenner has a special Holiday Collection that is out now.

Credit: Alexa Traviesa/Achona Online

29. Anthropologie Studs $32.00

Credit: Nicole Browne/Achona Online

30. Humans of New York Book $34.50

Credit: Rachel McKenna/Achona Online

31. Urban Expressions Jola Handbag $36.00 

Credit: Sophia Mastro/Achona Online

32. Kate Spade Earrings $38.00 

Credit: Jessica Zakhary/Achona Online

33. Treasure & Bond Bracelet $39.00 

Credit: Ellie Abdoney/Achona Online

34. Mix NO. 6 Boot Heels $49.95 

Great boots for a Christmas vacation.

35. NYC Empire State Building Spirit Tee $50.00 

Credit: Emily Hoerbelt/Achona Online

36. Tommy Hilfiger perfume “The Girl” $50.00 

Credit: Camille Opp/Achona Online

37. Adidas Superstar Shoes $74.99 

Credit: Anna Padron/Achona Online

38. Vinyls from Urban Outfitters $10.98-$109.98 

Credit: Isabella Thorpe/Achona Online

39. PowerShot G5 x Digital Camera $699.99 

Credit: Kendall Bulleit/Achona Online

Merry Christmas from the Achona Staff.

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