Looking Back on Popular Trends of 2016

December 5, 2016

2016 has been a year full of trends, twitter included. This year has been an important year for fashion and has brought a new and improved version of modern beauty.

Beauty and Fashion

In 2016, several products and fashion trends have been new hits or have made a complete reappearance. Whether that be creating more defined cheekbones or simplifying a tedious task below are some of the trends that have a huge part in 2016.

Kylie Lip Kits

In November 2015, Kylie Jenner released three matte lip kits and the world went crazy. Since the demand has been so high that when she releases new products within minutes  the site to momentarily crashes.

“I love my lip kit because it doesn’t dry out your lips because most matte lipsticks do. It’s also really soft and I like the lip liner a lot,” said Sophomore Lauren Curtis.

For a while, it was rumored that Kylie copied Colourpop's formula and that the products were even made in the same factory, but that in fact is untrue.
Credit: Victoria Baldor
For a while, it was rumored that Kylie copied Colourpop’s formula and that the products were even made in the same factory, but that in fact is untrue.

Spray Paint Nail Polish

Waiting for nail polish to dry is no longer a struggle with Nail’s Inc Spray Nail Polish released earlier this March. There’s no smudges since you can apply a base coat, then spray the polish on, wiping away excess with a wipe.

With spray paint nail polish, nails are done in less than five minutes.
Credit: Victoria Baldor
With spray paint nail polish, nails are done in less than five minutes.

Multi Masking

Multi-masking is where you use two or more specialist face mask products, with different properties on different areas of the face, with the aim to produce a different outcome. Multi-masking has been all the craze of 2016 with every beauty blogger applying different masks with different colors all over their face. Whether or not the properties actually target each area for an overall better outcome is up for debate, but by the actual looks, it seems like it works wonders.


This 90s trend has made a reappearance, but this time even bigger. The choker, of the velvet, metal, rhinestone or leather variety, has been seen on the necks of models-off-duty, and everyday looks.

Sophomore Maddie Urso said, “I love how chokers are making a reappearance. It looks good with a lot of outfits and can be worn in so many ways.”

Brow Game

Thanks to the likes of Cara Delevingne, bushy, luscious, and full brows have become not only accepted, but coveted.





From makeup products to fashion everything, this is what's trending for 2016.
Credit: Victoria Baldor
From makeup products to fashion everything, this is what’s trending for 2016.



Not only have there been fashion and beauty trends that have made way in 2016, but also several twitter famous trends that have gone viral in 2016.

Exploding Kid

Teenager Michael McGee with a special talent of making his veins pop out of his forehead, gained popularity early this year and became a convenient shorthand for every possible frustration for the months to come- and there were many. This meme was golden since it pertained to so many frustrations.

















Damn, Daniel

One of the first twitter trends of 2016, Damn Daniel proved a catchphrase that caught on for many highlighting a new fashion trends for vans. Daniel made his debut in a 30-second video posted to Twitter on February 15 by his friend and ever since then it sparked an Internet frenzy. The video has been retweeted over 300,000 times and has since resulted in a variety of memes and even a rap song.



















Haters gonna say it’s fake

In 2016, it’s almost impossible doing anything on social media without someone questioning if it is truly real. 






















Who would have guessed, when a Cincinnati Zoo gorilla was preemptively killed because a child had fallen into his enclosure, that a huge outpouring of memes would have followed? Harambe jokes have taken different forms, from parodies to song lyrics, and whole movements, but at the core is the idea that the nation refused to let this incident fade away.


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