Regifting has always been frowned upon, but during the holidays it is hard to avoid. Photo Credit: Maria Cacciatore (Achona Online)

Academy Talks Regifting

January 9, 2017

The Christmas season is a time to show one’s appreciation through the carefully and thoughtful selection of gifts. From choosing something special for the family to the secret Santa students have with their friends, deciding the perfect gift can be difficult and the option to regift past presents arises. 

Although regifting has more of a negative connotation to it, some people are not embarrassed of doing so. It has become a trend of the holidays and it is still up for debate whether or not it is acceptable.

Senior, Audrey Anello shares a story about how a family friend openly admitted to passing down a present to the Anello Family.

“My friend’s parents don’t drink and they got a basket full of wine for Christmas, so when they came over to my house on Christmas Eve they gave my parents the entire basket of wine and were like ‘Merry Christmas we’re regifting this and we don’t care if you know because whoever gave it to us didn’t know we don’t drink so have at it.”

There are times when the gifts given would be better in the hands of another person, but it is usually rare.

“One time I gave someone a gift, and the next year the person gave it back to me,” says Ciara Chappell. “Yes, it was a pretty basic gift, but I had to do what I had to do. I do not think that person actually remembered that I had given that gift to them…I guess what goes around, comes around.”

Academy students come together to determine that mugs, candles, and lotions are the most common regifts. According to Daily News the top three regifts during the holidays are candles, gift cards, and houseware.

These poor generic gifts can “save lives” according to Freshman Carolina Cardoso.

“There is always that one person that ends up giving you a gift when you want to give one back and need something quick.” says Cardoso

According to CNN’s personal finance American Express took a survey stating that three out of four Americans consider regifting socially acceptable, but at Academy only two out of four confessed their disapproval.

Virginia Pendleton, one of the other half that considers regifting to be situationally acceptable, apprehensively reveals her history of regifting. “Every year we do this white elephant thing and I see the same gift every year; We all do it so I can’t feel that bad because they do the same thing to me.”

Despite the scandal of regifting, it is the thought that counts. Whether the gift was fresh out of the store or fresh out of your closet, if it came with good intentions than the gift reveals the love and gratitude it should have.

When you catch someone regifting versus when you get caught regifting…



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