Glow Ups from Freshman to Senior Year

January 26, 2017

Looking back at freshman year pictures can be both memorable and cringe-worthy. With little knowledge of style and makeup, the first year of high school was a bit rough. Now with maturity and grace, these girls had to share their transitions.

Senior Kali Bradley

“My style completely changed from freshman year and I am so happy I have matured throughout these four years.” Photo Credits: Kali Bradley (used with permission)

Senior Haley Schumann

“I never thought that I had a glow up, but now looking back I see how much I have changed and grown.” Photo Credits: Haley Schumann (used with permission)

Senior Hannah Menendez

“Looking back on younger pictures of me, I don’t know how I thought I looked old when I was that age because now I think I used to look like a nugget.” Photo Credits: Hannah Menendez (used with permission)

Senior Marykate Urbanski

“I don’t even recognize myself from freshman year, I feel like I’ve grown physically and emotionally since then and I am a different person now” Photo Credits: Marykate Urbanski (used with permission)

Senior Kate Scanlan

“I looked like a different person from freshman year because I changed my hair color and I lost some weight. I’m so glad I don’t look like that anymore and changed throughout high school.” Photo Credits: Kate Scanlan (used with permission)

Senior Emily Orama

“I had long rat hair and I looked so crusty when i was a freshman. also, I would now burn the clothes I wore freshman year.” Photo Credits: Emily Orama (used with permission)

Senior Reilly Sleater

“Well… I’ve most definitely shed a portion of my honeybun face since freshman year.” Photo Credits: Reilly Sleater (used with permission).

Senior Ally Wehle

“When I was a freshmen I always knew that I would look so much prettier when I was a senior, but when I look back at what I looked like freshmen year I look like a baby and it’s kinda weird thinking that’s what I looked like only a few years ago.” Photo Credits: Ally Wehle (used with permission)

Senior Ashley Lambert

“I looked like a baby when I was a freshman and am so happy that I look older now” Photo Credits: Ashley Lambert (used with permission)

Some of the funniest things to look back on also are old videos or projects that seniors made freshman year. Theology class is one of the classes where there are many group projects which lead to making music videos, movies, and songs.

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