Things Academy Girls Did in February

March 8, 2017

Classes, homework, and grueling practices followed by competitive games, it’s nice to know Academy Girls can find the time to pursue other things they love and make exciting memories outside the school. Here are some enlightening and intriguing things students did in the month of February.

Maia Harrell, freshman:

Joined the softball team

Credit: Maia Harrell (used with permission)//Achona Online

Mei Lamson, freshman: 

“I qualified to go to Nationals for Speech and Debate.”

Credit: Mei Lamson (used with permission)//Achona Online

Greta Dieck, sophomore:

Dieck recently got a new puppy.

Credit: Greta Dieck(used with permission)// Achona Online

Alexis Ortega, sophomore:

 One of the few gymnasts at the school, Ortega placed in her competition in the month of February.

Juliana Jett, sophomore:

“I went to Passagrille Beach for the day.”

Credit: Juliana Jett(used with permission)

Caitlin Asher, sophomore:

Asher who is a starter on the AHN tennis team, won a match versus Tampa Prep.

Credit: Sophia Bahr/Achona Online

Maddie Chandler, sophomore

Chandler recently moved from Wisconsin and visited Tampa favorite, Oxford Exchange for the first time in February.

Credit: Maddie Chandler(used with permission)

Allie Kimpland, Junior

Kimpland visited Vanderbilt University and their Tri-Delta house on Greek Row.

Credit: Allie Kimpland (used with permission)

Nina Alberdi, Junior:

Alberdi turned 17 and celebrated by going to see her first R-rated film-A Cure for Wellness.

Credit: Nina Alberdi (used with permission)

Erica Dierk, Junior:

“I attended a wedding for my friend’s cousin that I have known since I was 7.”

Credit: Erica Dierks(used with permission)

Rachel Tata, Senior:

Tata had the opportunity to sing at Carnegie Hall in New York City.

Credit: Rachel Tata(used with permission)
She says on her experience, “3 airplane flights, 6 rental cars, 6 cities, 8 different college auditions, 11 nights in hotels and a TON of amazing experiences along the way.”

Abby Morris, Senior:

“I became a certified scuba diver!”

Credit: Abby Morris(used with permission)

Olivia Porcaro, Senior: 

Porcaro got a ticket to the critically acclaimed broadway show, Hamilton in New York City.

Credit: Olivia Porcaro/Achona Online

Ashley Achin, Senior.

Animal lover, Achin ventured to a local Alpaca farm.

Credit: Ashley Achin(used with permission)

Anne Marie Yatsula, Senior:
I got the score I needed on my ACT after a lot of tears and hard work.

Credit: Sophia Bahr/Achona Online

Brittany Bramwell, Senior:

Along with friend Emily Orama, Bramwell won tickets to go see Saturday Night Live in New York City.

Bramwell and Orama went to the show on March 5 where Alec Baldwin did a Donald Trump imitation. Credit: Brittany Bramwell(used with permission)

Ashley Lambert, Senior:

Clemson fan her entire life, Lambert finally decided she would be attending Clemson University in the fall.

Lambert says, “I guess it was meant to be. In my freshman letter to myself, I gave a little update on my life and it said ‘you have straight A’s and you want to go to Clemson. If the last one is true then you must be a fortune teller.’ Long story short I guess I’m a fortune teller!”Credit: Ashley Lambert(used with permission)

Though only 28 days, Academy girls made sure to make the most out of February and are continuing to make the most out of those precious “teenage years”.

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