Self Care Tips For When You’re Feeling Stressed

November 9, 2017


Fun Fact: In the UK this year, Self Care Week is from November 13 through November 19. (Photo Credit: Samantha Cano/ Achona Online)

Self care is all about taking care of yourself: body, mind, and soul. It’s about identifying your personal needs and taking whatever steps are necessary in order to meet them. Below are just a few of the infinite methods that people use to obtain much needed self-love.

Leave time for yourself everyday.

Maybe use a bath bomb, get a few candles, and just chill out.

Make a relaxing playlist, such as this one.

Spend less time on social media.

Social media tends to cause people to compare themselves to others, and creates FOMO, or “Fear of Missing Out,” and that only causes negativity.

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Take naps!

Senior, Sophia Doussan says, “Definitely sleeping and putting everything else aside because you won’t be able to work as efficiently if you’re stressed or exhausted.”

Make sure to drink enough water every day.

According to, 2 gallons of water per day is optimal.

Do something new and unfamiliar as much as possible.

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For example, plan a fun activity or find a new place to go.

Make yourself a healthy homemade meal at least once a week.

Senior, Evan Greek even runs a food instagram dedicated to meals she makes from scratch, or delicious meals she eats when she is out with her family.

Find a book, and fall in love with it.

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Go on a run, do yoga, or do pilates.

Simply, something active that you love, that doesn’t feel like a chore. Curtis Hixon even offers free yoga on Sundays.

Find something positive about every day.

Optimism is the key to success.

Do something for others, give your time to a service.

Find somewhere you can volunteer your time, such as The Spring, Metropolitan Ministries, or Faith Cafe.

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