Tampa’s Five Most Haunted Places

November 8, 2017


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In addition to the locations mentioned, students believe that Academy is haunted by a ghost named Zozo, who is said to haunt the fourth floor bathroom.

During Halloween, an abundance of ghost stories are told. Sometimes, these stories are connected to locations said to be haunted by ghosts.

Casey Martin (‘20) said, “I believe that the souls of the people who are not in heaven are still present here, and that they can occasionally send us signs, but I do not believe in scary ghosts that haunt people.”

Florida contains a significant number of haunted locations, some of which are within Tampa. In honor of Halloween, here are some of the most haunted places found in Tampa.


The Tampa Theater

Located in Downtown Tampa, the Tampa Theater is known for being haunted. Three different ghosts are said to haunt the theater. The “Lady in White,” for example, has been spotted by employees, as well as visitors. The ghost of the woman is believed to be searching for her fiancé, who died at the site of the theater before it was built. In addition to the “Lady in White,” the Tampa Theater states that the ghost of Fink Finley, who ran the projectors for the theatre for over 30 years, and “The Trickster,” who is known to play pranks on guests and performers, also inhabit the theater. The theater offers ghost tours for those interested in learning more about the ghosts of the Tampa Theater.

Alley Pauley (‘19) said, “Whenever I go to the Tampa Theater, I always feel uneasy. I have heard a lot of ghost stories about the theater, so I am always creeped out when I am there or when I drive past it.”

Fort Brooke Parking Garage

During the construction of the Fort Brooke Parking Garage, which is located near the Tampa Riverwalk, a cemetery was found on the site that was a part of the previous structure found there, which was a military fort. The cemetery contained the remains of both soldiers and Seminole Native Americans. The bones were removed and properly buried; however, the parking garage is known for its paranormal activity. Witnesses claim they see strange shadows and hear chants and drums within the parking garage.


Plant Hall, University of Tampa

The University of Tampa is said to be haunted by an abundance of ghosts. In the University’s science wing, people have reported feelings of someone watching them, as well as the feeling of being touched. Cases of paranormal activity have also occurred within the University’s Reeves Theater. Witnesses have reported hearing singing in the theater, as well as seeing the ghost of an actress.

Elizabeth Fuchsen (‘21) said, “I have never been to the University of Tampa, but I have heard a lot of ghost stories about it. The stories I have heard freak me out even though I don’t believe in ghosts.”


Old Federal Courthouse

Today, the Old Federal Courthouse has now become The Le Méridien Hotel, which is located in Downtown Tampa. Charlie Wall, who was a gangster, is said to haunt the building. After testifying at the courthouse and revealing many details about the crimes occurring in Tampa, he was murdered. The murder was unsolved, but is believed to be a result of the information he revealed in his testimony. People claim to see Wall’s ghost on the steps of The Le Méridien Hotel.

The Don CeSar

Located in St. Petersburg, the Don CeSar is a popular beach location among Academy students. The hotel is said to be haunted by Thomas Rowe, the hotel’s original owner. Employees and hotel guests who have spotted his ghost at the hotel describe seeing a man dressed in a white suit walking alongside a woman. The woman is believed to be the ghost of a woman named Lucinda, with whom Rowe was in love.

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