10 Ways to Get In the Christmas Spirit

December 1, 2017

43% of people begin decorating for Christmas before Thanksgiving.

43% of people begin decorating for Christmas before Thanksgiving.

In Tampa, it is difficult to enjoy and fully appreciate the holidays when it is hot outside. Despite this hot weather, Academy students seem to have figured out some tricks  to get in the Christmas spirit.

  1. Holiday Snacks

Sophia Doussan (‘18) says, “A great way to get in the christmas spirit is by grubbing on holiday goodies!”


Doussan made a cranberry mold with her grandmother on thanksgiving to enjoy with the family. (Photo Credit: Sophia Doussan/used with permission)
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  1. Listen to Christmas music

Claire Obeck (‘18) says, “Christmas (Baby Please Come home) by Michael Buble is my favorite christmas song because it makes me wanna dance.”

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  1. Bring out the decorations

Ella Castellano (‘20) says, “Christmas lights are my favorite decoration because they are unique to christmas and it really puts me in the spirit.”

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  1. Go gift shopping

Hope Joffray (’20) says, “I usually get my gifts on Amazon because they have everything and it is easier than searching everywhere for the perfect gift.”

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  1. Light a Christmas candle

Myah Rhines (‘19) says, “I love my warm vanilla snow candle because it gets me in the Christmas spirit.”

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  1.  Look at Christmas lights

Jaed Seymour (‘18) says, “I go look at Christmas lights at the houses on bayshore with my boyfriend, Kyle, because it’s a fun cheap date and a great way to celebrate Christmas.”  

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  1. Watch Christmas movies

Lauren Perez (‘18) says, “My favorite Christmas movie is “Home Alone” because it’s hilarious and different than any other basic Christmas movie.”

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       8. Send out Christmas cards 

Sarah DeVaney (’21)”I like receiving Christmas cards because I get to see all my friends and family.” 

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  1. Spend time with family and friends

Molly Leepack (‘20) says, “I am excited to see my little cousins Scarlett, Quinton, and Keen because they live far away. I don’t get to see them that often.”

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  1.  Make a Christmas list

Caylie Hubbert (‘20) said, “The two things at the top of my christmas list are a car and socks.”


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