10 Trends that should stay in 2017

January 17, 2018


Photo Credit: Gretchen Swenson/ Achona Online

Some students believe the new year is a good time for change, while others continue to follow the same old trends.

  1. Fidget Spinners

Spinners are an unnecessary distraction for many children. Unless you actually need a spinner to help you concentrate you should not be using them.

2. Dabbing

Dabbing is so 2017, and hitting the folks is so 2018.

3. Slime Videos

Though these videos are satisfying, Instagram explore pages are filled with them.


4. All Things Unicorn

The unicorn trend has become an excuse to use rainbow everywhere and create sweet tasting desserts that will put you in a sugar coma.


Maddy Ruppel (‘18) said, “Unicorns don’t even exist so I am not sure why everyone is still obsessed with them.”


5. 3D Nail Art

It is not easy to do everyday tasks with acrylics, and when 3D decals are added onto it, it creates a whole new world of trouble.

6. Hover Boards

It was thought that these would have been left in 2016, but turns out they are still popular. The only perk to these are the videos of people falling off of them.

Alessandria Ligori (‘18) said, “Hoverboards are dangerous, my sister flew off of one, broke her wrist, and had to have surgery.”


7. Unnecessary Body Glitter

Glitter is super cute in moderation, but taking it off seems like it would take up too much time.


8. “Lit”

This term is so overused, and it needs to end.

9.Oddly Shaped Eyebrow Trends

These are not even remotely attractive. Do people wear their eyebrows out like this in public?

Haley Palumbo (‘18) said, “I feel like eyebrows are natural shapes on our body and we should not try to shape them in any way.”


10. Clout goggles

The definition of clout is a person’s influence on others. People call them clout goggles, but no one gains clout wearing these.



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