Rant Wheel: Snapchat Update and Ed Sheeran at the Royal Wedding

February 22, 2018


(Photo Credit: Gretchen Swenson/Achona Online) Ed Sheeran is engaged to a woman named Cherry Seaborn, a 25 year old former Duke University Field Hockey player from Suffolk, England.

Back by popular demand, I set out to find Academy Girl’s opinions on pop culture topics, such as the new snapchat update and Ed Sheeran performing at the Royal wedding.

Updates from the last Rant Wheel:

Millie Bobby Brown and Jacob Sartorious have confirmed that they’re an item. Millie posted a Valentine’s day photo of the couple on twitter captioning it, “Happy Valentine’s day J.”


Kylie Jenner is no longer “halfway pregnant,” as according to Haley Palumbo (’18). Jenner, age 20, gave birth to her first child Stormi Webster Scott. After nine months of hiding from the media, Jenner shared an intimate video of her pregnancy on social media.

Tide Pod videos have been banned from Youtube, because of safety issues from the chemicals in the pods. Youtube has removed all videos to avoid the promotion of consumption, and Tide has put out many advertisements advising customers to only use the pods for laundry.

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