Why Do Good Girls Run to Bad Boys?

October 22, 2018


The average woman will kiss 15 men, be in two long-term relationships, and have her heartbroken twice before she meets the one. (Photo Credit: Megan Scanlan/ Piktochart/ Achona Online)

Recently, Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson called off their engagement because “they were moving too fast”. Grande has been coping with the recent loss of rapper and ex-boyfriend Mac Miller, who died from a drug overdose. With the trauma of the death and fast moving relationship with Davidson, Grande has decided to take a break from the Internet to find time for herself.

Both relationships with Miller and Davidson have involved drug addictions. Davidson began to struggle with substance abuse when performing stand-up comedy on Saturday Night Live. Later, he began to use harder drugs when underneath the stress of SNL. Miller’s substance abuse was similar, using hard drugs to deal with stress and large amount of work. Both celebrities have tried to manage their addictions, but the question is: Why is Ariana Grande continuing to be in relationships with those struggling with substance abuse? Is this common with famous relationships? Why do are all the good girls attracted to bad boys?


Nina Perez (‘19) says, “I’m not surprised by this breakup because they moved super fast into everything. I think Ariana needs to take time for herself right now because of everything that has been going on. When she is ready, I think she should find someone that is good for her, emotionally and mentally.”

This common trend of good girls and bad boys is carried throughout many Hollywood relationships.

In 2009, there was talk about artists Chris Brown and Rihanna’s abusive relationship. After Rihanna found texts from another girl that Brown was previously intimate with, Brown began to continuously hit her because of her verbally abusive comments. Rihanna had bruises on her eyes and lips from Brown’s abuse, resulting in Brown being charged with assault.

Even after the incident with Brown, Rihanna continued to go back to problematic boys, including Drake, Shia Labeouf, and Leonardo DiCaprio.

In February 2018, rumors about Brown and Rihanna’s relationship status shocked her fans. Brown wished her a happy birthday, revealing that the two artists still communicate. Fans were left asking, “Why would Rihanna go back to such a violent relationship?”



Brown’s new song, “Freaky Friday”, brings out his negative attitude towards women. Dorothy Pickard (‘20) says, “ In “Freaky Friday”, Chris Brown seemed to forget his controversial past with Rihanna very easily and that shows that he did not treat her well and girls should not fall for that!”

What drives these celebrities to be in relationships with these bad boys? Many people say it is because of the adventure, while others say the bad boys are just misunderstood.  Fans don’t like some relationships where girls choose to be with bad boys and continue to go back to them. We see what is shown on the media, but we don’t know what is behind the scenes– are these bad boys actually so bad or do they just have a bad reputation?


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