Chromat Company celebrated their ten year anniversary. Their motto is to include more cultures and ethnicities in the modeling business. They released their Spring 2020 collection. (Photo Credit: Sawyer Salgado/Achona Online/Piktochart)
Chromat Company celebrated their ten year anniversary. Their motto is to include more cultures and ethnicities in the modeling business. They released their Spring 2020 collection.

Photo Credit: Sawyer Salgado/Achona Online/Piktochart

Chromat Fashion Show Review

September 22, 2019

On September 8, 2019, Chromat came out with their 2020 Spring designs. These new designs were inspired by the company’s 10 year anniversary of business. Their clothing brand “reinforces the message that there are many different versions of beautiful and that everybody is worthy of love, acceptance and empowering swimwear,” and is inclusive for all people. They also manufacture sports wear, which was incorporated with the bathing suits. Becca McCaren-Tran is the founder of this company. She has a major in architecture and technology. She infuses technology with fashion and fabrics.

As an amateur of fashion, I am inspired by new looks and interesting ways to represent all people. I want to state first and foremost I am not judging these looks based on the appearance of the model’s but the clothing themselves. So here are my favorite and least favorite pieces today. 



The fact that they included a mother and child in this is adorable. The elegant straps of the red bathing suit contrasts with the blue laces in the shoes and it’s such a cute look.

Chloe Moussa  (‘20) said, “There’s not a problem with children participating in fashion shows. What she is wearing is very revealing, and with the modern times, innocent intentions can be twisted into something perverse.”


Sundresses have always been a favorite of mine. It reminds me of something at the beach on vacation. The choice to put sample size on this is a bold choice and it looks well where they put it.


Queen Elizabeth would be proud of this piece. The way they put the warped wire around their head and the silhouette of the shoulders down to the waist is magnificent. 


Playing with femininity in a masculine suit is a very interesting choice. It looks so fitting and I like how the lighter color highlights the waist and contrasts with the darker red. The makeup on this model looks especially good since it goes with the suit.


I like this bathing suit, athletic combination. The neon yellow highlights the royal blue in the leggings. It is a very bold choice to put two top pieces together but the off shoulder blue actually fits well with the yellow. 


The shirt is cute but it clashes with the belt/suspenders. There’s also a green pocket dangling from the front waistband and it’s a little too much. The corset over the stomach does not flatter the shirt or anything with this piece. It is very distracting. 



The inflatable device doesn’t help “lift” this piece together. Although it does shape the back, the front of this floaty is big and bulky. The royal blue straps on the floaty don’t mix with the colors of this piece either. 


My initial thought is why have a head wrap? There is no logical explanation to have her ears covered. The almost closed toed shoes are confusing, and the sheer edges on the legs of the dress don’t follow anatomical human.

Jaap (‘20) said, “That is not how you apply a head wrap. That looks so nasty. Everything else about that dress is cute but that head top thing is an atrocity.”


The texture on this! The tutu mixed with the wire white, goes out way too far on the model. I also don’t like the sandals. They don’t go with the piece as a whole. The blue lipstick is also very out with this piece. 


Again with the texture. The latex of the top doesn’t look right with the loose fitting pants. I do like the color combination however. The zipper on the top also doesn’t align with the button and zipper at the bottom which is frustrating.

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