“The American Federation of Astrologers put the number of Americans who read their horoscope every day as high as 70 million, about 23 percent of the population.” -Smithsonian Magazine (Photo Credit: Hope Joffray/ Achona Online)
“The American Federation of Astrologers put the number of Americans who read their horoscope every day as high as 70 million, about 23 percent of the population.” -Smithsonian Magazine

Photo Credit: Hope Joffray/ Achona Online

Why are so Many Millennials Into Horoscopes?

January 16, 2020

Reading horoscopes and learning more about zodiac signs has become a national trend. Maybe it’s the relatability of the writings, or the amusing details about individual signs, but for some reason millenials have become quite fascinated by these prophecies.

Horoscopes offer readers in-depth predictions of how their day, week, or year will play out. Many find it intriguing to read about their future, what they can expect to happen in their life, what kind of person they are, or what sign they are most compatible with. Do most people just read their horoscope for fun, or are there some that genuinely believe in them? 

“Once I read my horoscope, I try to find little signs throughout the week that may align with what it said. I wouldn’t say I believe in everything they say, but I think they are fun to read and see if anything they say does happen”, said Madeleine Gallagher (‘20).

For many people, astrology provides comfort and understanding of the world we live in. Some people use it for validation of their actions and feelings. It gives people insights into the type of person they are and more about the people they associate with.

Others view zodiac signs and horoscopes as a form of entertainment, creating relatable and funny photos or videos. Twitter and Instagram pages have popped up that devote their entire feed to posting relatable memes about each sign and people really seem to enjoy them. There are even apps that allow you long on and read your horoscope everyday. 

“I have the app Daily Horoscope and I read my horoscope everyday. I also like looking at the horoscopes for other signs. If I know the sign of one of my friends, I will read it for fun,” said Angelina Gonzalez (‘20).

Religion also comes into play when discussing astrology. Many believe that engaging in astrology is equivalent to going against your faith. Although, there are some people who are incredibly devoted to their faith and still view engaging astrology as harmless fun. People view astrology as a strong social tool, one that could ultimately help someone bond with new people and strike a conversation. Morgan Jerkins, in her submission to the New York Times debating the appeal of astrology, speaks of her opinions on astrology and how zodiac signs can sometimes give people a false preconception about the type of person someone is. She points out that people should get to know who you are without already having an idea of your personality based on your zodiac sign. 

“I don’t read my horoscope regularly because my mom has always told me and my siblings that it’s not a part of our religion,” said Isabella Duarte (‘21).

When people ask about your astrological sign, they are making snap judgments about your character, whether they realize it or not. I don’t want people to respond differently when I tell them I’m a Gemini. I want to be allowed to reveal myself, with all my idiosyncrasies and hypocrisies, one step at a time. Still, it’s easier to talk about horoscopes at a party than Biblical scripture. Socially, it can become a game of compatibility, and on the surface level, it’s harmless fun.

— Morgan Jerkins

Even though there are many opinions regarding the interest in astrology, the whole idea of it seems to be having a positive effect on people, alleviating their stress and providing them with an explanation or purpose to life. Why might you engage in your horoscopes or the characteristics of your zodiac sign?


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