“My friends and I have been facetiming and talking on Snapchat a lot during quarantine. One of my friends made a Spotify playlist for me too” said Eva Schillinger (‘22). (Photo Credit: Olivia Martinez/Achona Online/Piktochart)
“My friends and I have been facetiming and talking on Snapchat a lot during quarantine. One of my friends made a Spotify playlist for me too” said Eva Schillinger (‘22).

Photo Credit: Olivia Martinez/Achona Online/Piktochart

Meaningful Things To Do For Quarantined Friends and Family

September 8, 2020

As our friends and family continue in quarantine, there are many things that we can do for them. While having to be cautious, there are still ways to show these people that we care. Here is a list of things that can be done while social distancing and are easy to do.

Schmid and Martinez FaceTime on a daily basis. (Photo Credit: Olivia Martinez/Achona Online)

Send them a gift basket

Items in the gift basket can include beauty or spa items, baked goods, books, movies, and more. These items can be found at a multitude of stores for low prices.

“On Wednesday of last week, I drove to my friend’s house to give her her birthday present. I hadn’t seen her since March. We stood six feet apart outside in her yard. Since I am doing virtual learning, it was nice to learn how things are going at school. She told me how our classroom looks from her perspective, and I shared my experiences about learning at home. For thirty minutes, we talked from everything about summer books to haircuts. When driving home, I was in a much happier mood and realized how much I missed talking and joking with my close friends,” said Anika Schmid (‘21).

Facetime them and have a conversation

Many of our friends in quarantine have limited social interaction. One of the most thoughtful things that can be done is having a conversation with them.

Online card games/gaming servers

Many card games have online versions that are perfect for occupying some of your friend’s time. You can make it more fun by listening to music or watching a movie while you play. Some tested websites where you can play online games with friends include Playingcards.io and Skribbl.io

Set up a scavenger hunt in their home/backyard

This activity can be done without any contact, but can be very fun. You can personalize your scavenger hunt by using inside jokes as clues. 

Drop off baking supplies and a recipe

For your friends that love baking, you can drop off a challenging recipe and some supplies. To make it more fun, you can make it a competition between a group of friends.

“One of my friends wasn’t able to go see her favorite artist live, so I made some items, including a cake, that related to the artist,” said Laurèn Colquett (’21). (Photo Credit: Laurèn Colquett/Used WIth Permission)

Set up a makeshift photobooth

Many people have changed their style during quarantine. This is a fun way for your friends to show off their new style. Instead of having a plain background you can buy decorations for the background and have a themed photoshoot.

Send them an art project or book

Many of our friends have spent their time in quarantine doing art or reading books. Try commissioning your friends to do some artwork for you or find them some pieces they could try. Send your friends a book you’re going to read and form your own book club.

Tell them about a Tik Tok dance they should learn or teach it to them through Facetime

There is always a new dance trend on Tik Tok that everyone is trying to learn. Sit down with your friends on FaceTime one day and try to learn one. It is a lot more fun than it seems when your friends all know the same dance.

Make them a Spotify playlist

Everyone should make their quarantined friend a Spotify playlist and then have a dance party with them over FaceTime. No matter who it is, it is a guarantee that they will enjoy it.

Eva Schillinger (’22) had a Spotify Playlist made for her by a friend. (Photo Credit: Eva Schillinger/Used With Permission)

Send them supplies to prank their family

If your friends have been quarantined with their family for a long period of time, they are probably really annoyed. Send them some prank ideas and supplies so they can get out their frustrations and have some fun.

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