AHN’s Jagaurettes practicing inclusive and healthy habits this holiday season. (Photo Credit: Claire Wong (Used with permission))
AHN’s Jagaurettes practicing inclusive and healthy habits this holiday season.

Photo Credit: Claire Wong (Used with permission)

Toxic habits to leave behind in 2021 (OPINION)

December 13, 2021

Maintaining healthy habits and living through Covid has been hard for everyone and people have developed habits such as isolating from friends and making comparisons based on social media posts, and other unhealthy habits. Here is a list of things that need to be left in 2021 and the students’ opinions on them:

  1. Isolation from friends and family: During Covid, isolation was a common part of our lives, but isolation is not always healthy. When people isolate themselves due to anxiety or possibly depression it leads to worsening the issues. It is important that in the coming year people spend time with the ones they love to improve mental health and to maintain healthy relationships. Gabby Martinez (‘23) says, “Sometimes when I get really stressed about school work and I isolate myself in unhealthy ways, especially around exams. I am working on it and am trying to get better about it.”
  2. Making unhealthy comparisons based on social media posts:  People have always compared themselves to people on the internet; however, this issue has somewhat heightened with Covid. Since many people have not been able to get out and exercise as much, they often feel more self-conscious, often causing more comparison. In the new year, everyone should remember that what is seen on social media is not always real and that a healthy body is a happy body. 

  3. Communicating only over social media and the phone: Communicating only on social media and over the phone can lead to unhealthy relationships with the people around you. As long as it is safe, spending time with those you love is good for your well-being and is proven to make people happier. When people hide behind their screens, it can make them more depressed or even encourage them to say things they should not. Junior Adele Politz says, “Over quarantine people were always saying stuff they shouldn’t over the phone so coming out of Covid I think people should communicate more in person and work things out that way. It tends to be healthier.”
  4. Procrastination: Procrastination is a prominent issue throughout the exam season. People are behind on the many, many assignments that they have to complete before December 17, 2021, leading to more stress and cramming. In efforts to not procrastinate, make a study plan weeks in advance to plan how you can study for your exams and complete your projects. This will lead to less stress and better outcomes. Senior Allie Pramberger says, “I have been procrastinating so bad this month. I have literally left all of my work and studying to these two weeks. Next year I am going to work hard to fix this habit.”
  5. Keeping circles small: When people keep their circles small, they can miss out on meeting new people and others can feel excluded. It is important to make sure that everyone feels included by being kind to everyone and considering everyone’s emotions. In order to become more inclusive we can: talk to people we don’t normally talk to, invite more people to events, and not shun people who care about us. Catie Curtis (‘22) says, “It is important to include everyone who wants to be involved so no one feels left out. I have been trying to work on it myself and will keep trying next year.”

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