McDonald’s drive-thru logo stand attracts customers to the fast-food stop. (Photo Credit: Sarah Grealish/The Sun)
McDonald’s drive-thru logo stand attracts customers to the fast-food stop.

Photo Credit: Sarah Grealish/The Sun

McDonald’s Adult Happy Meal: Is it really ba da ba ba ba?

October 17, 2022



McDonald’s: An American icon of popular fast foods.

After several successful collaborations with multiple artists, McDonald’s has been gaining popularity for their meal combinations and limited edition items (sauces, bags, toys). Stepping. up, McDonald’s recently launched their “Adult Happy Meal” collaboration with Cactus Plant Flea Market to maintain their popularity momentum.

Two options for this meal are similar to its original, but fit more for bigger portions. A choice of a ten-piece McNuggets or a Big Mac both with a fountain drink and large fry is available. Making the requirements of a “Happy Meal”, the collaboration includes plastic collectible toys of McDonald’s mascots and a cactus plant original character.

From Left to Right: Grimace, Hamburglar, Cactus buddy, and Birdie the early bird. (Photo Credit: Abbie Alford/CBS8)

The main motive for this marketing toward’s adults is to bring back a sense of “nostalgia.”But is nostalgia what the consumers are feeling? Despite the positive buzz, there are as many disappointed reactions to the Happy Meal “upgrades” and many consumers express that McDonald’s should rethink some aspects of this limited edition meal.

To start, the pricing of the meals (within Florida) is $10.39 (McNuggets) to $10.89 (Big Mac) while a regular happy meal is $3.79-$4.99, and a regular ten-piece McNugget meal and big Mac meal is $8.39-$8.89.

So where is this extra money being placed within the meal? CNBC Make it reporter, Nicholas Vega, comments, “The only differences justifying the $2.60 uncharge from the regular Big Mac meal are the plastic toy and the cardboard box the order comes in.”

Most likely due to the Cactus Plant Flea Market’s pricing for the toys and the overall manufacturing of bigger cardboard boxes, this price only adds to the cons of why this meal is not a big hit. Furthermore, due to the popularity hype, a lot of people are unable to receive the meal as they are becoming out of stock.

Others may say that it is actually a popular item in the media. Caroline Arthur (10) commented on when she noticed the option in person and she was interested in purchasing the item as it, was “Not healthy, but it is more fun.” She also comments on how the next opportunity she gets, she will most likely buy the limited item.

Others also agree with the new addition as it actually brings back the nostalgia of receiving a happy meal. The uses of plastic toys resembling the original characters of McDonald’s are a fan favorite with people who feel like they have been taken back to their childhood.

From the overall mixed reactions, the McDonald’s adult happy meal still has its fans but seems to need improvement. Will you be trying the McDonald’s Adult Happy Meal?

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