Never Be Afraid to be Powerful

February 25, 2021

This piece was submitted by Alissa Pradera (’21).

In regards to her work, she writes, “Confidence plays a vital role in the concept of self-love. Self-love is the action of having a high regard for your well-being and overall happiness. Self-love tends to be thought of as a vague concept in which a person would have to look in a mirror and be okay with what they see, but it is beyond that. Self-love is being able to love every inch of yourself and not let others’ viewpoints affect your own.┬áNever Be Afraid to be Powerful is a charcoal self-portrait that conveys the significant role confidence has on one’s overall view of themself. This piece has a strong emphasis on power, beauty, and pure satisfaction of being one’s self. The self-portrait’s rawness shows how one can genuinely thrive within their own skin once confidence is found within them. This self-portrait captures the importance of truly loving yourself inside and out, learning how to break from your shell, and being fearless in who you are.”

Pradera created this piece using charcoal. (Photo Credit: Alissa Pradera/Achona Online)
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