The Hibiscus

March 9, 2021

This piece was submitted by Ella Fernandez (’23).

In regards to her work, she writes, “‘The Hibiscus,’ acrylic, expresses the up close beauty and vibrant detailing of a hibiscus flower. This connects to my overarching theme of looking closer at things to find the beauty and individuality within them. The mood of this piece is very lively with different shades of red, some more vibrant than others. The focal point of this piece is the style (pollen tube) coming from the middle of the flower which was drawn using a sharp edge to contrast from the petals. I built up different values throughout the monochromatic painting process by layering on different colors. I also used a sponge to give texture to the stigma at the top of the flower. This was risky because I was not very familiar with using sponges, but it turned out to be very effective in the end. As mentioned before, I painted a sharp edge on the style to create depth contrasting from the petals. These principles of contrasting and proportion added the realism and vibrant look that the flower was intended to have. All and all, this piece should express the beauty and spirited aspects of a hibiscus flower to the viewer.”

(Photo Credit: Ella Fernandez/Achona Online)

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