Creepy Clown Sightings Are Happening Closer to Tampa Than You Thought

October 3, 2016


Credit: Sam Cano/Achona Online

Many people are speculating that the clown sightings are part of an advertising tactic done by movie making companies.

Since the phenomenon of creepy clown sightings began, reports of these sightings have come increasingly close to the Tampa Bay area, resulting in considerable concern from locals. The mystery began around late August of 2016 in South Carolina and has spread quickly throughout the country, causing unease amongst civilians and police alike.

As of September 28, it has been confirmed that these clown sightings have spread into Florida.Cities as close as Palm Beach, Gainesville, and Ocala have reported this suspicious activity. Authorities have expressed their concerns as this phenomenon has grown, not only because citizens do not feel safe, but they are afraid that the “clowns” will soon turn violent if it does not stop soon.

Freshman, Callie Mellon, commented, “I just heard about this on the news over the weekend. It’s already in Pinellas county, and I feel like it’s only a matter of time before some freaks start doing it here in Tampa. It’s just so messed up!”

Some people suspect that these sightings are just a marketing plot, associated with horror movies that are set to be released within the next year or so.

The two movies in question were 31 and the remake of the infamous horror film It, based on the Stephen King novel of the same name. A representative from Warner Brothers, the famous movie producing company behind It has also stated that their company and movie are not affiliated with these sightings.
Similarly, the company producing 31 spoke out and stated, “The company and the film 31 are not associated in any way with the creepy clowns and costumed characters found roaming the South.”

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