YouTubers Encourage Young Adults to Register to Vote

October 20, 2016

One third of Internet users all over the world are creating and uploading videos to YouTube. Credit: Emily Hoerbelt/Achona Online

One third of Internet users all over the world are creating and uploading videos to YouTube. Credit: Emily Hoerbelt/Achona Online

Over the past 11 years, YouTube has become one of the most popular media platforms for people to express themselves and entertain others. A lot of popular YouTubers recently began using their channels to encourage their viewers to register to vote.

Tyler Oakley is very open and straightforward to his 8 million subscribers and enjoys sharing his opinions with them and educating others about how to function as human beings.

Junior Evelyn Martinez states, “He’s well known so he can definitely make his audience more likely to vote or at least pay attention to the election.”

Grace Helbig, another well-known YouTuber with 3 million subscribers, uses her hilarious sarcasm and fast-paced comedy to make people smile. She mentioned how quick, easy, and important it is to register to vote in a recent video.

Todrick Hall’s 2 million subscribers know that his favorite things are The Wizard of Oz, Beyonce, Disney, and bringing his “Toddlerz” joy through his videos. 

Senior Jhuztin Honrado, a huge fan of Todrick, states, “Having someone on YouTube that I can identify with address this definitely makes me want to vote more because I feel more involved. He is always thinking about the greater good and is not afraid to post a video addressing an issue he feels is important enough to talk about with the world.”

Buzzfeed’s YouTube channel, BuzzFeedVideo, posted a video about six months ago where one of the employees walked around the office asking her co-workers if they were registered voters. Only one girl was not and she was able to register in under three minutes.

She explained,“I need to register to vote. And you know what people tell me? If I don’t vote, I have no excuse to complain.” 

Last but certainly not least, a few members of the cast of Hamilton made up their own lyrics to “The Schyler Sisters” to let America know that each and every one of us needs to vote for our next president. They recognized that they are a huge part of pop culture and have the ability to influence their fans, through their art, who otherwise might not register to vote.

YouTube isn’t just for music videos and makeup tutorials. It has a captive audience with the youth in America who don’t typically watch or pay attention to network news stations. YouTubers explain how important voting is to their viewers in a way that is easy for them to understand. All anyone needs is a smartphone and three minutes to complete this easy task. Spending three minutes now, gives those eligible a voice in deciding our nation’s leaders for years to come.

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