Queen Elizabeth II Celebrates 65 Years as Queen

February 13, 2017


Credit: Valerie White/Achona Online. Lyndon B. Johnson is the only U.S. president that Queen Elizabeth II has not met during her reign.

On Monday, January 30, Queen Elizabeth II received the Sapphire Jubilee, naming her the longest reigning monarch in British history. She was crowned queen in 1952 after the passing of her father, King George VI, and has been the monarch for 65 years now. Until recently, King Abdullah held the title as the longest reigning monarch; however, Queen Elizabeth II remains a strong leader at 90 years old.

When asked about her opinion on the accomplishment,  Senior Katie Hale says, “I think Queen Elizabeth II receiving the Sapphire Jubilee is truly amazing and I think the country of Great Britain should be proud. This is a historical moment because it shows how peaceful the country has been. Also, personally, I am a very traditional person so I think the tradition of the monarchy is really cool.”

Throughout her 65 years, Queen Elizabeth II reigned throughout 13 British prime ministers and 13 U.S. presidents.

Junior Lauren Sellers says, “Queen Elizabeth’s reign is so important because it spanned over the most important time in history; from the fifties to now, so much has changed. It’s necessary to have a constant figure throughout all this time.”

The political aspect of monarchy has declined; however, it continues to appear in popular culture today. Sellers says, “There are various movies and television shows about the English crown. Even though the monarchy doesn’t have as much political power anymore, a lot of people still continue to be enumerated with the idea of princes and princesses.”

Hale says, “In the United States the monarchy is more popular due to popular culture, because we cannot relate to the various tardiness of the British monarch since we aren’t British citizens. I think in Great Britain the monarchy is popular because of popular culture, but also because of its traditional aspect. Everyone in the Royal family, especially Princess Kate has amazing fashion sense and it’s interesting to see her fashion choices. On the traditional aspect, the royal family attends many events that are very important for their country.”

Queen Elizabeth II currently has four children, eight grandchildren, and five great-grandchildren. She plans on inviting President Trump later this year to stay at Buckingham Palace.

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