Trump Pushes Immigration Policy

February 10, 2017

During the week of January 23, 2017, Trump signed three executive orders regarding immigration, refugees, and visa holders.

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During the week of January 23, 2017, Trump signed three executive orders regarding immigration, refugees, and visa holders.

President Donald Trump, has recently announced an executive order restricting citizens of seven countries from entering the United States for 90 days. Not only does the ban put a bar on the citizens from those seven countries but it halts the refugee system for 120 days. The seven countries whose citizens are banned from American soil are Iran, Sudan, Syria, Libya, Somalia, Yemen, and Iraq who are all Muslim majority nations.

Freshman Callie Mellon said, “That is not the way to secure our borders and keep Americans safe, it hurts foreign citizens and refugees more than it helps Americans.”

The ban is intended to keep radicals out of the US, according to Trump, but has negatively affected legal U.S. residents who have green cards. Because green cards were not mentioned in the ban, many permanent U.S. residents are being denied re-entry to the United States.

Junior, Gillian Garcia is not fond of Trump’s executive order.

She said, “My family first came here on work visas, then applied to be U.S citizens shortly after, and the fact that Trump is considering deporting people who have the green cards and work visas is completely unfair. My cousin is in the process of getting his work visa here in the United States and it has already taken several years. People with work visas and green cards must go through many screenings and interviews to be allowed stay in the U.S., so people with green cards and work visas should have the right to stay.”

The ban widely affects refugees as well because the executive order suspended the United States’ Syrian refugee program and reduced the number of refugees who are allowed to enter the US in 2017 from 110,000 to 50,000.

According to President Trump, the executive order was set in place to protect the economic well-being of lawful immigrants who have been living here by substantially decreasing foreign worker admissions. The immigrants who will be allowed to enter the U.S. will have to show a likelihood of success and the ability to be financially self-sufficient.

Although the ban imposes a lot of hardships for citizens from the seven countries, green card holders, and refugees, the executive order can be subjected to a legal review. Opponents in government, such as Senate Minority Leader, Chuck Schumer, argue that the ban is unconstitutional- violating the first and fifth amendment rights.


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