UberRUSH Could Be the Future of Deliveries

February 10, 2017


(Credit: Olivia Porcaro/ Achona Online)

Uber founder, Travis Kalanick, states, “Delivering with UberRUSH is faster than you can even imagine, and for less than you’ll believe.”

Currently available in New York City, Chicago, and San Francisco, Uber is trying out a new business, called UberRUSH, within their company. Connecting a company with a delivery partner, UberRUSH will aid the company in getting as many deliveries on the road as possible, even at the busiest hours. Examples of products UberRUSH has delivered before are flowers, clothing, and really any item that an average person can carry.



However, there are some specific items that Uber has put a ban on for delivery. These items include: people, animals, alcohol, illegal items, weapons, stolen goods, and explosives. Given that some of the delivery partners use a bike for transportation, it is requested that the delivery items are no more than 30 pounds, but if the delivery partner is driving a car, up to 50 pounds is acceptable.

Junior, Elle Lehman said, “I think it is really cool that Uber is trying out this idea because it could make things that people order get to them faster.”

When a company registers and signs up with UberRUSH, they will only be responsible to pay for the amount of deliveries made. However, in each city, the prices vary. For example, in Chicago, deliveries are $6.30 within one mile, but $1.80 per extra mile. However, in San Francisco, the price is cheaper within one mile, but increases greatly with each extra mile. Finally, in New York City, it is $5.50 within one mile and $2.50 per extra mile.

(Credit: Olivia Porcaro/Achona Online)
With Chicago being the most expensive within the first mile, it is actually the cheapest per extra mile.

Getting the customer of the company involved, UberRUSH can be integrated into the checkout feature of the business’ website. The customer will also receive delivery updates through texts or notifications in the Uber app. In addition, the confirmation email of the order will include a link that allows the customer to track their delivery.

Senior, Zoe Cuva says, “I really like that UberRUSH lets the package be tracked, because whenever I order something online, I am really anxious to get what I ordered, so I am always tracking my order.”

Many major brands have already teamed up with UberRUSH to deliver their products. Some of these big-time companies are Walmart, Nordstrom, T-Mobile, Cole Haan, Which Wich, Shopify, and many more.

Freshman, Olivia Williams said, “I feel like since so many big companies with such a wide range of products is already working with them, UberRUSH is going to be really successful and will probably expand to some more cities soon.”

Through this innovative idea to get items to customers faster, UberRUSH could be the future of deliveries.

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