AI slowly grows towards fear

February 8, 2023

The more technology advances, the more its influence causes change in the development of a country. Chat GPT and such AI technology have raised many eyebrows of curiosity and spiked for questions to be answered, such as: What will our future look like when the AI industry expands?

The water will turn choppier, where there will be an impending pitfall. 

Now, of course, as citizens participate in their daily lives, there is a realization that technology has a growing presence. When we wake up to head to work or receive an education, there is the presence of an alarm clock, whether it be on a phone or any other device. When we go to retrieve milk from the fridge to pour the chilled milk into a bowl of crunchy sugary cereal, a refrigerator is used to keep the perishable products at a regulated temperature that would allow for them to be preserved and eaten. When trying to park into a parking spot with your car, most vehicles will have a camera installed to see the precise spot you need to maneuver the car in order to park with no trouble. Technology grows as the world around us grows, though some of it is not to our gain.

AI is the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, especially computer systems. AI programs include expert systems, natural language processing, speech recognition and machine vision. An AI system will have an algorithm written out and have the writing or learning machine learn these algorithms.

Chat GPT, a part of the AI programs newly designed, is an AI program used to create dialogues based on the purpose of responding to human interaction. Chat GPT, like many other AI programs, is fed data from articles, books, and websites into its system where it models its regenerative responses into human interaction-based. The platform is home to tasks such as writing a code, writing an article, translating a text, debugging, and writing a story or poem.

Ammaar Reshi, a product-design manager at a financial-tech company, was among the many users of the platform to use the program solely for his goal of writing a children’s bedtime story. Ammaar had found the process mind-altering for the speed and time the overall system had taken in generating a new story, to which he named “Alice and Sparkle.” He uploaded his story onto Amazon, and now the story has a title of being the “#1 New Release in Children’s Technology Fiction.” Many praised Ammaar for his ingenuity, and many others struck him as “scum” who had only finished what a “theft” would have started. What started out as a goal of his shifted sides, placing him as part of the controversy with AI.

Laura-Elizabeth Ware, Senior Vice President for HCM Cloud North America, was asked for her opinions of Chat GPT and whether the newly designed program could serve a positive or negative impact for the future. She talked about many of the advantages of the program being how “it can simplify day to day activities,” and it also, “aggregates and gives a starting point,” when allowing for creativity to overtake projects with “faster ideation to get to your end goal.” She later went on to state the negatives of Chat GPT of how it is basically the process of “plagiarizing a computer,” and she would rather much “want to hear from the person and not the computer.” She concluded with her findings on the fast-growing business, saying, “Chat GPT is not yet where the end state will be. It still needs more development.”

Though the growing platform has been making its way through the headlines of many news articles and promotions, there is underlying fear that lays within the people of the community, specifically those with an interest in the field of art.

Art has been around for as long as 30,000 years, making its presence in many global issues that are mounted onto each other and calling for reform to arise. Similar to Ammaar’s story, AI has started to develop more of the artistic aspects and styles where their artwork is appearing to resemble more and more of the artwork created by other artists. Many artists believe that these models are learning of other artists styles and copyrighting them to create their own artwork.

Slowly creeping towards us, Chat GPT is just a small part of the wide scope of the AI technology that may cause either mass destruction or a safer future. Though there seems to be more negative than positive in this situation, it emphasizes again the power AI technology will have in a future and adds to the fear many hold towards the future as we navigate these treacherous waters.

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