Creativity is something that everyone needs to express. Read this story to hear more about how creativity is impacted by our surroundings. (Photo Credit: Achona Online/Emmie Drell)
Creativity is something that everyone needs to express. Read this story to hear more about how creativity is impacted by our surroundings.

Photo Credit: Achona Online/Emmie Drell

Creativity: how is it impacted by scheduling? (OPINION)

December 1, 2021

Our surroundings and our schedules play a huge role in all aspects of our lives. One thing that is impacted as a result of a busy schedule are levels of creativity as the exploration of creativity either skyrockets or is suppressed when life get too busy or stressful. 

Of course there is a spectrum to this idea, not everyone represses their creativity when life becomes chaotic, but sometimes it seems as though people have a tendency to let that part of their being become less important. Creativity and the exploration of personal talent and expression is incredibly important to who we are as people. 

One of Academy’s art lovers, Eva Schillinger (‘22) said, “I definitely get some freedom to explore what I’m interested in with the classes I took specifically because I was interested- an example being Neuroscience of AP Studio. But after finishing all of my homework I’m most certainly not in the mood to do things I enjoy that are unrelated to education, like cooking or working out. I miss out on a lot of things I normally enjoy doing on breaks when I don’t have the stress or pressure of school crushing me.”

First, it is necessary to bring awareness to why people have these tendencies. When busy, a person can either crave more stimulation, or they can get tired and fall into a more passive tendency, which would be more on the side of lacking motivation to be creative. Of course, there are many other things to take into consideration, such as personal responsibilities or workload at school. There are many aspects of life can pose a threat to our motivation to express our creative side, which is what we are calling attention to now. 

In order to allow ourselves the space to grow, we have to open the door to creativity. (Photo Credit:

For the people that have an increased motivation to do creative things when their lives get busy, this isn’t quite as much of a hindrance since they are still exploring opportunities that can help them express themselves. Some people just thrive during the busy times of life. There is also a lot to learn from those who spend a lot of their time doing creative practices.

Music lover and Quarter Note, Emily Porter (‘22) said, “Listening to other people sing or use their creative ability inspires me so much to explore my own. In class I look forward to solo studies because my classmates’ performances inspire me to do just as well when I do mine. I try my best to listen to music I love or make playlists when I need motivation.”

It can be inspiring many times to see someone pursue something that interests them, and to see them do a nice job on their work, whether it be painting or making music, or practicing singing skills. I’m sure everyone has experienced that excitement while watching or hearing someone dance or sing on the TV, and that feeling can truly become inspiring. Sometimes, all you need when you’re lacking motivation is to see someone exemplify what you wish to achieve or discover for yourself.

On the other hand, some people’s ability or motivation to explore their creative side plummets when there is a busy schedule. Considering the rigid schedule we have here at Academy, paired with extracurriculars, at-home responsibilities, and trying to attain a social life, it can be hard to feel up for something that isn’t required of a person. At times, it feels overly draining simply to get the requirements of life accomplished. Something like drawing or playing an instrument may feel too overwhelming, or unimportant. It is exactly the opposite. We need to be able to seek entertainment and self expression, as it impacts our entire being. Not feeling connected to ourselves and who we are can also take a toll on how we feel mentally. We cannot fail ourselves of the need to discover and learn, otherwise it can be easy to lose that interest and enjoyment that we once felt before.

Another thing is that exploring creativity is not necessarily streamlined. We are always changing as individuals and discovering new things about ourselves and the world we live in. It is meant to make us uncomfortable and push us out of our comfort zones. Life is all about discovery, and exploring creativity is a crucial piece in this.

If you’re feeling unmotivated or afraid to be creative, do not fret! There are so many things that you can do, even small things that could be integrated into your schedule, to help cultivate your creative side. Maybe the list provided below could spark ideas on something to do, or you could even ask friends how they explore their creative side. 

While these are just a few ideas on how to spark the creative side of things, there is so much more to explore. (Photo Credit:

Regardless of where you’re at right now, whether that’s feeling the most creative you ever had, or if you seem to have lost touch with your creative side, never cut that part of yourself off because it is beautiful. There is so much to learn from when it comes to any type of art or skill, and everyone deserves to experience that connection with themselves. 

Senior Ellie Warnke said, “What helps me the most when I’m stuck in a creative rut is seeking inspo [sic] on social media. Platforms such as Pinterest, Instagram and Youtube allow me to find new ideas and branch off from my mental block.”

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