The coronavirus has been poorly affecting everyone. In this time, though, we need to see positivity in our world more than ever. (Photo Credit: Madison Horne (Used with permission ) )
The coronavirus has been poorly affecting everyone. In this time, though, we need to see positivity in our world more than ever.

Photo Credit: Madison Horne (Used with permission )

Focusing on the Good in a Time of Negativity

May 20, 2020

Covid-19 has killed 90,694 people in the United States, and is seriously hurting the economy.  Everyone needs positivity in this time, though, so here are some good things that are happening in the midst of this hard time.

This situation, though it keeps people apart physically, has brought people together electronically. Many are reaching out to people they have not talked to in a long time because they can. Also, though people are separated from some of their family members, they can still connect periodically.  A group of students and teachers have been gathering in the afternoons to just hang out and to pray. Some of them are continuing one day a week during the summer. All students who are interested can get the code for the chat in the Remind app by emailing their interest to Campus Ministry. 


Some Academy students and teachers have grown closer from their “hangout” and then prayer time every afternoon. (Photo Credit: Anna Anderson/Achona Online)













More people have realized they have an increased need for prayer. On May 7, the day he had declared a White House National Day of Prayer, Pres. Trump invited Sr. Eneyda Martinez, one of the Poor Sisters of St. Joseph, to the White House to pray for the end of the coronavirus on national television.

“I think that prayer is a very important aspect of our nation. It’s one of the reasons upon which this nation was founded. No matter political party or disputes that we do often face in America, we can all be unified in peace and calm under our one Father in times of prayer,” said sophomore Grace Odmark. 

Bishop Gregory Parkes celebrated a baccalaureate Mass for all of the Catholic High School graduates. “Our high schools are planning their own baccalaureate Masses and graduations in different forms, this Mass is not meant to replace those; rather, it’s an attempt to show unity and joy in the midst of our difficult circumstances,” he said. Seniors Emily Nash and Sofia Tweed wrote a prayer for graduates that the Bishop said. Nash said, “I think it was really nice for the diocese to still hold baccalaureate for our class despite not being able to be there in person. I also really enjoyed being able to contribute with putting it together along with students from Catholic schools across the whole diocese. It made it a very meaningful experience.”

Academy’s very own Sr. Lisa Perkowski has been virtually teaching students how to sew masks for hospitals. “I was very excited to help make the masks because I was very bored during quarantine and it was a good way to help the community. For me, Sister Lisa’s instructions were easy to follow, but I also knew how to sew beforehand, so they weren’t a challenge at all. I spent a lot of time making them, and I’m glad that I had a hobby that could also help the hospitals around me. I know that there was a great demand for the masks in our local hospitals, so I just hope that my small role in helping was able to make an impact,” said freshman Madison Horne. 


The extra time we have, though sometimes seems boring, can be used for much-needed relaxation, time to stop everything and just be still. “The extra time at home has helped me relax in a few ways. First, it has allowed me to connect with my family throughout the day, either in person or through video chats. Second, I have been able to focus on reading and writing, which is very relaxing for me. Third, I have been able to maintain more consistent sleep and exercise routines. Despite the difficulties that face so many at this time, I am grateful for the opportunity to slow down and rest at home,” said English teacher Alison Jussaume. 


More people have been able to spend time with their families in ways they have not been able to before because of crazy schedules. Many people have been having family lunches and other nice activities with their families because they can now. Others just hang together, thankful for the time to have a break together. Freshman Riley Newton said, “I have formed a much closer bond with my family through corona.”


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