Ven. Carlo Acutis: Proof That Teens Can Do Powerful Things

October 9, 2020

“All people are born as originals but many die as photocopies.” Ven. Carlo Acutis

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“All people are born as originals but many die as photocopies.” Ven. Carlo Acutis

Ven. Carlo Acutis, a boy in Italy, grew up in a family that was “not the ideal model of a Catholic.” One day, though, he started begging his mother to go visit Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. He asked her so many questions that she couldn’t answer, so she started taking him to Mass and going to religious education classes herself to teach him. 

Acutis had an advanced knowledge of computer science, and created a website to document and spread all of the known Eucharistic miracles in one place. He had a deep devotion to and understanding of the Eucharist, and wanted to share the joy and reality of Jesus with everyone. It is so amazing to see his faith and how it spread to so many people, and will continue to.

Carlo Acutis will be beatified October 10. The miracle attributed to him was the healing of a Brazilian child with a rare congenital anatomic anomaly of the pancreas in 2013. The date for his beatification was moved to October because of Covid-19; he is such a model for young people that they want to be able to celebrate, which was just not possible earlier this year. This is also will be the first time in history a saint is beatified clothed in jeans and tennis shoes.



To capture the power of the Eucharist and Carlo’s devotion, I asked Sr. Joo Yun Park, FMA, to explain. 

  1. Ven. Carlo Acutis had a great devotion to the Eucharist. Why should we have this devotion?

“Jesus left us his body and blood to be our spiritual nourishment on the journey of life. If we want to see and experience God, there’s no better way than to be united with his flesh and blood through the Eucharist.”


  1. Aren’t all Catholics supposed to receive the Eucharist? Why is it noted that he had a special devotion?

“Carlo had a great love for the Eucharist. He knew it was his “highway to Heaven.” While all Catholics should know that the Eucharist is truly the body and blood of Christ, Carlo truly encountered the living Jesus in the Eucharist and was fascinated with Eucharistic miracles and wanted everyone in the world to experience Jesus in the Eucharist.”


  1. He created a website about Eucharistic miracles. Will you please explain a little bit about how Eucharistic miracles are a thing and a way for Jesus to show us it’s really Him?

“There are numerous Eucharistic miracles all over the world. We know that, during Mass, at the consecration, the bread and the wine change completely into Jesus’s body and blood. The substance (what it’s made of) changes, while the outer appearance remains the same. Eucharistic miracles are when the consecrated (blessed) bread manifests the changes that takes place during Mass. For example, in the 8th century, in Lanciano, Italy, during Mass, the bread took on the appearance of human flesh and the wine, human blood. Scientists tested the flesh and confirmed that it truly was human flesh and the blood was human blood, type AB. Jesus allows these miraculous manifestations to help increase our faith. These heavenly signs show us the reality of what’s really taking place during Mass, even though we can’t always see it visible changes.”

  1. Why is Carlo a model for teens today?

“Carlo was very much a normal, modern youth. While his family wasn’t exceptionally religious he developed a personal love for God. Carlo knew God is real, God is the reason for his existence, that God calls him to love and care for others, and that God loves us so much that he would become a humble piece of bread for us, so He could be one with us. Carlo knew that becoming a Saint is simple and achievable. He said, “Sadness is the gaze turned towards oneself, happiness is the gaze turned towards God. Conversion is nothing but moving the gaze from the bottom to the top. A simple movement of the eyes is enough.” Carlo shows all young people that holiness doesn’t require amazing feats or world recognition. Holiness is about loving God and striving to follow His plan for your life.”

To always be close to Jesus, that is my life plan.

— Ven. Carlo Acutis


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