The Best Thing for this New Year and the Rest of Your Life

January 7, 2021

This year and the rest of your life will be changed forever.

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This year and the rest of your life will be changed forever.

This was going to be an article about making this New Year great. Upon further reflection and one of my great interests, I decided to make this New Year article about something in particular that I am amazed by, that will truthfully change your life.

I am fascinated by Eucharistic miracles. Yes, they happen, and they are beautiful reminders of what happens every time we receive the Eucharist. 

First of all, let’s talk about the Eucharist. I want to tell you right off the bat that I am interested in the science behind many different things. This does not mean that I am good at science classes, but I am enthralled by the science behind different miracles. 

In a Catholic Mass, we believe that the bread and wine turns into the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ. Every. Single. Time. And once you come to fully acknowledge that in your heart, it will be the most beautiful part of your week every Sunday. Let Him change you through it. Before I lose myself in the scientific facts (but not you, please keep reading) that have been proven, let’s look a bit more at the spiritual side of this. Jesus comes to you, every Mass, and offers Himself in the Eucharist. He makes Himself so small and approachable for you! And He stays here, in tabernacles, to be worshipped. 

Ok, Anna. This sounds nice and all, but how is this really happening? 

There is a God who loves us so dearly that He came to the earth as a tiny baby, and lived in human poverty until He was killed on a cross. God came to us, and we killed Him. But, the story, as you probably know, did not end there. He used that suffering and death to save us from our sins. And He rose from the dead. A God who did all of that and brings about miracles to this day is fully capable of coming to us in the Eucharist. 

I will admit, I used to just go with it. They said it was true, so I would just go with it without truly embracing Him. And then something changed. I was able to recognize the Eucharist as truly His Body and Blood, not just rolling with it and not really thinking too much about it, and it was life changing. 

If you are struggling with this:

#1. When you go to Mass, open yourself up to Him. Tell Him that you are having trouble with this, be sincere, and He will guide you. Tell Him that it is hard for you, but you believe. He will change your life every time. You may or may not see it at first, but it will happen over time if you let Him. 

#2. Talk to Him!!! Seriously. You can not have a good relationship with someone unless you have conversations with them. 

#3. Again, talk to Him. Come visit Him in the school chapel. Inside of the tabernacle is the Eucharist, which is Jesus’ Body and Blood. Right there. Waiting for you.

#4. Be open. He will change your life. 

This beautiful sacrament is only to be received by Catholics, and we are the only Christian religion that has this. If you desire to receive the Eucharist but are not Catholic, we would love for you to become Catholic! Reach out to the nearest Catholic Church to you, or you can contact me and I will put you in contact with them. Until you finish the classes and are baptized and receive your First Communion, cross your arms over your chest and we will give you a blessing at the time of Communion.

I love being a Eucharistic Minister because I have the opportunity to hold Jesus and give Him to other Catholics. It gives me more special time with Him. When I serve at school, I am on the second floor with my friend Sara O’Connor. She says, “Being a Eucharistic minister means that I am able to share my faith and my beliefs to my friends in a very special way, through Jesus.”

The Eucharist will make not just this year, but the rest of your life extremely special. 

I will share more about the science behind it and Eucharistic miracles soon. Stay tuned!

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